Here’s How To Win Starbucks For LIFE In Harlem

December 10, 2015

starbucks-east-harlem1When we do the math, it becomes clear that our coffee habits are really expensive. Sure, caffeine keeps us alive, but it also does serious damage to our wallets. While making coffee at home definitely helps, we can’t help but splurge on a morning latte more often than we’d care to admit. Which is why, once again, we are hopeful that maybe, just maybe, we’ll win the “Starbucks for life” sweepstakes. Yes, the giveaway is back. It started on December 8, and continues through January 11, 2016 — and all you have to do is pay using your My Starbucks Rewards.

Each time you buy something at Starbucks, you get one chance to play.

  1. Then, head to (the site won’t be live until tomorrow) and
  2. Log in with your Starbucks Rewards info.
  3. Next, you’ll get to play the game for a chance to win a bunch of prizes, including Starbucks for a week, a month, and the ultimate reward: free Starbucks for life.

Refinery29 reports that last year, over 13 million people entered, and one lucky firefighter won the prize, with an estimated value of $54,000 total. (Side note: Yes, our lifetime supply of coffee could buy us a year at a private college.)

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