Harlem’s M&G Diner, Was One Of Harlem’s Best Old School Soul Food Diner

Harlem’s M&G Diner was one of the last unspoiled soul food restaurants in New York City, that opened in 1964 and closed in 2008. The cuisine was totally genuine and unreconstructed: Fried chicken was some of the best in town, cooked in small batches on a rolling basis. After you’ve tried it—many times—move on to the short rib sandwich for a serious braised meat experience.

Here’s a sample of the pricing with southern style sweet corn, collard greens, fried chicken, $10.50, and short rib sandwich, $7.75. That included a great breakfast with good ole grits and eggs, pancakes plenty of them and all with some would say a “greasy” side.

They had a great jukebox that had an amazing selection of Gospel, Soul, Blues and Jazz music.

M&G Diner, 383 West 125th StreetHarlem 10027, 212.864-7326.
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Photo by Robert C.

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