Harlem’s Loaded Lux Debuts New Freestyle For Fuse’s Celebration Of Hip-Hop At 45!

Best known for dominating NYC’s underground rap battle scene with his ruthless bars, Loaded Lux delivered an epic freestyle from the top of the dome in support of Fuse’s celebration of Hip-Hop at 45.

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Shifting his lyrics from mixing in the dark at parks to emceeing, the Harlem native breaks down all the aspects of hip-hop’s origins.

Watch and listen here as Lux expresses his love for the genre in the link below:

“Levels to the art/ Treasure in the start/ This one’s for the love/ Only way to get ahead is in your heart/ It’s like a drug for that medicine in your melanin/ When the record spin Melle Mel left me a message.”

Just when you think he’s done, Lux throws it back to the love of hip-hop giving a special shout out to Melle Mel, Kool Herc, Public Enemy, Rakim and KRS-One. “Jamming with the breakers/Gambling with shakers,” he raps while doing a little breakdance.

You can replay this incredible but not surprising freestyle and tune in for more of Fuse’s Hip Hop at 45 lineup by clicking here.

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