Harlem’s Bloomingdale School Of Music Presents 18th Annual Performathon In Harlem

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, Harlem’s Bloomingdale School of Music students will perform 12 hours of music in 3 community locations to raise funds for the student Scholarship and Financial Aid Fund, enabling their less fortunate classmates to experience and engage in high quality music instruction.

Sign up or sponsor a student and support BSM scholarships!

They’ll be sharing the music at 3 locations in the community:

  • 9 am – 2 pm TD Bank @ 109th and Broadway
  • 11 am – 2 pm Henry’s Restaurant @ 105th and Broadway
  • 3 pm – 9 pm Bloomingdale School of Music, David Greer Concert Hall,
    323 West 108th Street, between Broadway and Riverside Drive

For information on signing up to perform or how you can sponsor a student please visit:

The Bloomingdale School of Music was established in 1964 with the simple premise that all members of a community deserve access to high quality music instruction. The ideal of giving to others has infused the school’s culture and is evident in the annual Performathon which features twelve hours of non-stop performances by over 200 of the school’s students who have solicited sponsors with the goal of raising much needed funds for scholarships and financial aid.

Through Performathon the Bloomingdale school ensures that everyone in our community has access to high quality music programs and teaches these young musicians that artists can be agents for change and cultural equity.

You can support and encourage BSM students to share their talents in order to ensure accessibility to instruction by sponsoring a student performer and attending the May 19 performathon.

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All proceeds go to support BSM’s extensive scholarship and financial aid programs.

Sponsor a student on line: https://bsmny.org/register/performathondonatenow.php

For more information, visit www.bsmny.org or call 212 -663-6021.

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