Harlem’s A$AP Rocky Drives To The Beat Of His Own Drum Machine

A$AP (Always Strive and Prosper) Rocky is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Harlem. In his prepubescent years, his father is sentenced to prison for drug dealing, and his older brother dies by a bullet wound. He and his mother survive, sometimes staying at the Volunteers of America, a homeless shelter.

His past is a struggle, but his heartache molds him into the man he is today. He is a man his older brother is proud of and admires.

ASAP Rocky gives love back, but experiences an unexpected turn of events.

Here’s the video:

The young rapper stars in a Mercedes-Benz commercial, which plays more like a short film than a television advertisement. The scene opens on a little boy, walking towards his older brother, hearing his sibling’s fists rap the table.

The beat echoes off the walls, and nestles itself inside ASAP Rocky’s head. However, his brother’s death ushers in a deafening sound: silence.

“Then one day, man, the beat just stopped,” the musician says, cocking his fingers.
Silence permeates the air, as ASAP Rocky pauses to reflect, motioning his eyes to the sky.

“The beat came back, pulsing through every vein in my body,” he says, as he closes the vehicle door to his Mercedes-Benz.

Music is heard in tandem with the beat now, and the star is seen driving the automobile, at a photo session, and at a concert onstage.

Fans’ applause begin, and as they cheer, “ASAP, ASAP, ASAP,” over and over again, the rapper says, “You know my older brother Ricky, was the one responsible for me growing up, and having a ‘real job.’”

The cheering and chanting crescendos, but the rapper is no longer in the car, on set, or onstage.

He’s a little boy again, walking towards his big brother. As the man is drumming his fists against the kitchen table, he encourages ASAP Rocky.

“Come on Rocky, just go for it. Just rap!”

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