Harlemites, Gov. Cuomo And Others Raise The Age Of Criminal Responsibility

Gov. Cuomo said legislative leaders wanted to “give up on” a plan to raise New York’s age of criminal responsibility from 16 to 18 after budget negotiations bogged down.

Speaking at a Harlem rally to tout the state’s newly adopted $153.1 billion budget, Cuomo on Monday said leaders of the Legislature wanted to jettison the contentious raise the age proposal – as well another proposal to revive the 421a real estate tax credit – from budget talks in order to ease the approval of a new spending plan.

“Raise the age was so hard to do and it was in the budget and we had to get the budget done that the legislative leaders basically gave up on it,” Cuomo said.

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“The legislative leaders said you know what we’ll leave it until after the budget.”

Cuomo said doing so would have doomed the proposal because “the budget is something you have to pass. You don’t have to pass anything else.”

Cuomo also took credit for bringing together Assembly and Senate members to broker a compromise.

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