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Bringing Content To Life By Telling Harlem Stories Through Data

Directories, Listings, E-mail Blasts, and Banners are not enough.

The Harlem World Magazine Content Studio produces content that informs, inspires and delights millions of smart curious and highly engaged listeners. We tell your “Harlem story” through data with a positive, emotional “call-to-action,” creating a deep connection between your company and our 83,000 weekly readers.

That’s why our most appealing advertising offering falls into what used to be called an Advertorial, these days it’s called Native Advertising that we label “Sponsored Love.” Both terms mean the same thing an advertisement in the form of editorial content. The term “advertorial” is a blend of the words “advertisement” and “editorial.” We offer something no one else can offer. We are local experts. We live here, we breathe here, we eat here, we socialize here and very importantly our content is positive. In this respect, our Native Advertising is much like a DJ, we’re spinning your content so it seamlessly combines with our platforms created by master storytellers in our Harlem World Magazine Content Studio (a posse of writers, designers, developers, photographers, and videographers).

What We Do, We Don’t Sell, We Tell Harlem Stories

We turn data into insights and insights into foresights—fueling content that improves the quality and depth of the connection between companies and the community.

  • Authentic Harlem Stories: We live in Harlem, we breathe Harlem, we eat Harlem, we socialize in Harlem. Custom-created native, branded and editorial content programs help fuel brand growth by engaging consumers across all of Harlem World Magazine’s platforms to drive results.
  • Content Strategy: That informs everything from audience development to content production and distribution, optimization to re-targeting and conversion.
  • Digital Products: Through a network of brands, channels, and platforms, the Harlem World Magazine Content Studio creates innovative opportunities to connect your brand with consumers whenever and wherever they are. Very powerful when included with our mobile, tablet and online browsing, and in-app viewability platforms.

How We Do It

  • Data: A proprietary advanced content built on data with our partner NetTheory ensures that the branded content we create aligns with consumers’ specific interests and actions.
  • Insights: Insights drive deeper interaction by directing our Editor-in-chief in editorial and content teams, optimizing the conversation across platforms and delivering authentic engagement as many points along the way.
  • Storytelling: Built on our over a decade of editorial history, we create stories that are uniquely positioned to connect Harlem consumer experiences to your brand’s business goals.
  • Scale: We leverage data to engage our readers, yet targeted audiences, across the web, using content to flow them into carefully crafted brand and companies.

We Get It

Running a business requires keeping true to the positioning of your products and services. But it also involves many secondary competencies that can distract and dilute your focus. The Content Studio team has over 60 years of experience driven by passion, and taste, and such a discerning sense of what is meaningful to an audience that can help your business function most effectively.

We want to deepen our relationship with you as much as possible, which is why the Studio cannot work with everyone. We are only trying to take a certain segment of the market by providing a higher level of touch and experience.

Some of our new concierge services range from:

  • 24/7staff Phone and E-mail Accessibility
  • Same day service
  • Detailed recommendations and advice
  • Research – Find house parts, best resorts, special events, tours, local restaurants, etc.
  • Tech support and more

Harlem World’s services take care of the secondary, but critical aspects of your business so that you can concentrate on the central issues of your business.

Our Experts:

  • Yolande Brener, British born, Harlem resident writer, and author, and Harlem World Magazine, Life and Style Contributor.
  • Rudy Collins, Harlem based visual artist and founder of Rudy Collins Studio, and photographic contributor at Harlem World Magazine.
  • Eartha Watts-Hicks, press release and PR specialist, a member of the Harlem Writers Guild. An NAACP, and Columbia SBA Business Pitch Competition award winner, and Editor in Chief of Harlem World Magazine.
  • Danny Tisdale, Community Board member, Block Association president, and Harlem World Magazine Founder, CEO, and Sales Director, and an award-winning visual artist.
  • Net Theory, award-winning website design & development company, headquartered near WTC in New York City. Specializing in analytics from eCommerce sites, mobile apps, robust backend, www.Nettheory.com

If we cannot perform the task our Studio will secure proven experts who know their genres and their audiences incredibly well, and they support those creators with resources and insights.

We don’t mind if you ask us to produce content for you to use outside of Harlem World Magazine’ properties — or without mention of us.

Click A Case Study to review one.

Here are a few advantages of Native Ads to keep in mind:

A La Carte

Native Advertising (Premium)

Native Advertising article with 500-1,000 words create a more organic emotional “call-to-action,” (with interviews, photos, social posts, quotes, etc.,), for our visitors, which leads to more likes, shares, recommendations, and projects a cohesive brand identity.

  • Native Advertising (1) $ 499

Harlem Stories Guide

Our Guides help readers to form an opinion or make a decision or calculation. At the end of the article, the sponsor can provide “Call to Action” links, videos, reports, white papers, slider, landing page, and a client 2-3 minute video. Click here to see Sponsored Guide examples.

  • 1,000 – 3,000 words $999

We create a more organic emotional “call to action,” for our visitors, which leads to more likes, shares, recommendations, and projects a cohesive brand identity. Includes 500-1,000 word article, a Slider, E-mail Blasts, and Social Media per month.

Featured Story Packages*

  • Bronze: 3-month program $ 2094*
  • Silver: 6-month program $ 6282*
  • Gold: 12-month program $ 12564*

*Packages created in the Process include text, photographs, and links

Contact Danny Tisdale for a complimentary appointment.