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Harlem World Magazine Cares has its roots in our first action with Susan Taylor and Harlem Cares, then we created Harlem Youth Publishing Empowerment (H.Y.P.E.), with partner Columbia University.

Today, as we live have survived Black Lives Matter, we live with COVID-19, we an opportunity for us to help the community that has helped us so much since our founding in 2003, we re-launch Harlem World Magazine Cares (HWM Cares).

Recruiting Mentors to Save a Generation

The Harlem World Magazine Cares team is proud to be part of the mission to recruit, train, and mobilize people of excellence to nourish and transform the lives of African American youth by providing valuable mentoring services in schools and the Harlem community at large. At the heart of Harlem World Magazine Cares is the belief that all children have the innate capacity and eagerness to learn and develop in positive ways allowing them to excel and thrive. We believe that surrounding young people with dedicated, compassionate, and caring adults is one way to bring out the full potential of each child.

November is Thank Your Mentee Month!

In a quality mentoring relationship, both the mentor and the mentee have an opportunity to learn and grow. During Thank Your Mentee Month, we celebrate the reciprocal nature of this connection by encouraging mentors to share what they’ve learned, how they’ve grown, or how they’ve been inspired by the young people in their lives.


Mentor Recruitment, Training, and Support

Harlem World Magazine Cares is focused on recruiting mentors for the emotional, social, and academic development of our children and the wellness of the adults who parent, mentor, and educate them. Community Wellness Circles are intimate single-gender or co-ed groups designed to create a safe space for adult self-discovery and personal healing (or wellness). Circles are led by certified ANWF facilitators to coach participants through a space of peace and unity to be better able to provide sustained support for our children. The first and most important mentors to a child are familial adults. Harlem World Magazine Cares offers parental engagement activities to support the parent, grandparents, and other meaningful adults involved with children.

The Rising (Elevating Education, Expectations and Self-Esteem)

An innovative, curriculum-based group-mentoring initiative, The Rising advances students in under-resourced families and high schools, instilling the determination and critical-thinking skills needed to avoid painful, predictable futures. The Rising’s highly interactive curriculum is culturally anchored and consciousness shifting. Typically, students meet weekly during the school day in intimate single-gender and joint gender Wellness Mentoring Circles, and in larger themed assemblies.

STARS (Students Teaching About Relationships and Success)

STARS is a classroom-based, peer-to-peer mentoring program. It involves 11th and 12th graders mentoring 9th and 10th graders with support from adult mentors. Students find their power, which contributes to social determinants of good mental health and increases their engagement with their schools and communities. The cornerstone of STARS is MentorLife®, which means to always invest in someone and always have someone investing in you.

H.Y.P.E. (Harlem Youth Publishing Empowerment)

H.Y.P.E. aims to target Harlem minority youth, who have an interest in the publishing industry and or want to explore an optional route to education and or career. The program will be a ten-week after-school and mid-day Saturday program beginning the third week of the fall and spring semesters. Youth will be introduced to the publishing industry through 3-5 hour workshops. At the end of the ten-week session, students attend a field trip to a publishing company or college.

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Harlem World Magazine was established in 2010, with Columbia University’s, Institute for Urban and Minority Education, IUME with assistant Director, Veronica Holly and Research Assistant/Project Manager-Nneka R. Ibekwe. The study resulted in a report that according to Lenhart et al. (2005), in 2001, 24% of youth aged 12-17 used some form of technology, and in 2005; the use of technology grew to 87%.

The report focused on:

Clear identification of the mentoring needs of the target population

Development of effective and sustainable mentoring opportunities to address the shortcomings and gaps in the existing support and service

The establishment of Harlem World Magazine Cares is one successful and sustaining solution to what’s hurting Black America.

Become A Mentor, Partner, or Donate Today!

Like many others around the country, I have been inspired by Susan L. Taylor to answer her Call to Action to support our youth. The need to support our children has never been greater.

Here are some of our past and present partners

As Harlem World Magazine Cares enters its 10th year, we are proud to have affected thousands of young people in the metro Harlem area. Our work is far from done. As adults, we have a mission and responsibility to make sure that each child has a caring adult in their life to help them reach their full potential.

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    We ask you to join us on this important journey.

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