Harlem World Cares

Mission & Core Values

Our mission is to help Harlem residents live their best life through art, education, and health.

Core Values

We believe in 3 main Core Values that inform all the work we do…

1. Sustainability: We believe that all development work requires a long-term vision that empowers those being served to lead independently, and creates a path respectful of the environment and local communities.

2. Partnership: We believe people and organizations thrive best when they are able to work together around common interests, despite any inherent differences.

3. Equality: We believe all people are entitled to the same opportunities regardless of race, color, gender, ethnicity, language, religion, or nationality.

Our Projects

We envision a world where all communities have access to art, education, and health needed to advance because strong communities have the power to lift themselves up.

Projects & Partners

Our Story

In 2010, a small group of individuals came together with the goal of doing some good in Harlem, New York. What started as a group teach kids the ins and outs of publishing in their local community, evolved into a movement to strengthen communities across the United States.

And so we do. The Harlem World Cares started working nationally to promote education through a partnership with (IUME) at Teachers College at Columbia University, focusing their efforts in the west coast and areas in between due to the lack of education classes in photography, design, creative writing, publishing skills in general in the schools. After establishing H. Y. P. E. in 2010, and inspired by our work with the Harlem Children’s Zone, Brooklyn College BCAL Spot, and others. Harlem World Cares expanded our efforts to include creative projects that promote strong communities through the arts, in addition to health.

Around the Block, Around the World

We run community projects to support local organizations combatting AIDS, and raise awareness around issues related to art, education, and health.

Why Community Projects?

Community projects are empowering tools to increase art awareness through self-reliance, increase access to health issues and improve publishing skills, and bring people together to create connections amongst neighbors.

Our Target Communities

We aim to make change…

  • In low-income communities
  • In partnership with a school
  • To benefit local organizations to combat arts funding and AIDS education

Get Involved!

Make A Donation to Strengthen Communities

Our work would simply not be possible without the generosity of people like you. Your gift will help provide art supplies and publishing skills for an entire community, or you could support AIDS awareness.

Here’s How To Support Harlem World 

Have a question E-Mail Us harlemworldinfo@yahoo.com

Other Ways to Get Involved

Making a donation is not the only way you can help. Check out the options below, or shoot us an e-mail if you have other ideas. We’d love to hear from you!

Start a Community Project Near You

Interested in raising awareness and supporting a project?

E-Mail Us harlemworldinfo@yahoo.com


Do you have relevant expertise or a helping hand? If you have experience in non-profit work, or if you are looking to gain some new skills, we may have an opportunity for you! We’re always looking for volunteers to support the building and maintenance of local projects.

E-Mail Us harlemworldinfo@yahoo.com

Copyright 2018 – 2019. Harlem World Cares is a social entrepreneur organization. 

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