Harlem Winners At Success Academy’s 6th Annual Network Spelling Bee 2017

Success Academy’s 6th annual Network Spelling Bee concluded last week after more than 9,000 scholars competed for first place by spelling words like, “iota,” “ludicrous,” and “recluse,” from Harlem to Hollis.Every year scholars in grades 2-8 participate in the Spelling Bee through three competitive rounds. In the beginning of October, scholars participate in their preliminary Class Bee, winners moving to the second round School Bee, and ultimately qualifying for the Network Bee.

The Network Bee brings scholars, families, and teachers together by grade with separate championships for Grade 2, Grades 3-4, Grades 5-6, and Grades 7-8. This annual event is just one of the many ways Success Academy encourages scholars to develop a love for words and reading. Network Champions this year come from Success Academy schools across New York City, including Harlem, Washington Heights, SA Bensonhurst, SA Midtown West Middle School, and SA Myrtle Middle School.  

Photos: 1) With SA Harlem West Principal Khari Shabazz emceeing the championship, Marcus Lopez-Pierre (right) from SA Midtown West took first place by correctly spelling the word “ravenous,” with Christopher Brown (center) and Fatoumata Toure (left) from SA Harlem North Central coming in second and third, respectively. 2) From SA Myrtle Middle School, Timothy Martinez (center) took first place by correctly spelling the word “ludicrous.” Michelle Perreaux (right) from SA Harlem West took second place and Makar Farquahar (left) from SA Bronx 2 Middle School came in third place. 3) From SA Bensonhurst, Sonya Kraizman (center) took first place by correctly spelling the word “iota.” Dashawn Martin Jr. (left) from SA Bergen Beach placed second and Thaddeus Kwiatkowski (right) from SA Fort Greene placed third.

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