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Harlem AKA Harlem, New York (1930-1939)

“Pathe Audio Review – Harlem – A cinema excursion in the great black metropolis of New York.” (Credits follow the title). Top view street in Harlem. Intertitle reads: “Seventh Avenue is Harlem’s celebrated Gay Black Way”. Continue Reading >

Paradise In Harlem

Between swing and blues musical numbers, the story of comedian Lem Anderson, whose long-awaited chance to act dramatically vanishes when he witnesses a mob killing and is forced to leave town. Lem becomes a wanderer, then an alcoholic. Continue reading >

Harlem Mart 125: The American Dream

Created over a 9 year-span, Harlem’s Mart 125: the American Dream is a documentary film about the history of Mart 125 and how it correlates to the “revitalization” of 125th street, Harlem’s main commercial sector. Continue reading >

I Remember Harlem

The rights to this film belong to the family of William Miles who have given me permission to show the film here for all to see. It is a great piece of history. Continue reading >

1964, Harlem, New York