Harlem Resident Neil Patrick Harris in Vanity Fair (video)

Neil Patrick Harris in vanity fairIn the new May 2014 issue of Vanity Fair magazine, they write about new Harlem resident Neil Patrick Harris and the rarity of child stars becoming bigger stars.Also, the article talks about people shouting in the streets shout “Hey Doog” at N.P.H. (as they call him), based on his Doogie Howser, M. D. role on the telly, his dancing with Mike Tyson at the Tony Awards, 9 years on How I met Your Mother, and his new role as the glam rock cult musical (no, not in the David Bowie story), but in Hedwig And the Angry Inch.

We couldn’t help showing this video on Iron Mike Tyson dancing like an Iron Man (oh, he owns a building on 8th Avenue in Harlem):

Harlem is the perfect place for an actor with that much talent.

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