Harlem Pilot Hubert Fauntleroy “The Black Eagle of Harlem” Julian, France 1930 (Video)


Aviator and Colonel Hubert Fauntleroy Julian of Harlem, the always stylish aviation pioneer, known as The Black Eagle of Harlem, arriving back in New York, United States aboard the ocean liner Île de France, November 1930. In the video Julian, is returning from Abyssinia (Ethiopia) where Emperor Selassie had invited him to take part in the Emperor’s coronation. But Colonel Julian returned after crashing one of the Emperor’s planes during a coronation rehearsal. (According to the New York Times of November 1, 1930, the Emperor:

“… ordered him out of the country…”)

Asked about the incident, Julian said, The Emperor and I were the best of friends when I left him, the colonel said. In the images here Colonel Julian poses for the camera. A puppy in the background on the deck of the Ile de France. New York United States. November 18, 1930.

Julian was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, in 1897, the son of a cocoa plantation manager. He migrated to Canada in 1914, where he was said to have learned to pilot an aeroplane and served as a Lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Hubert Julian emigrated from Montreal to Harlem in 1921.

Here’s the video:

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