Harlem Media Group

Do you want to connect with thousands of philanthropic, non-profit and corporate readers in Harlem?

Our mission is to protect the cultural integrity of Black and Latino communities from music to magazines in Harlem and around the world; educating, inspiring residents to achieve greatness and stay alive.

About the Harlem Media Group

The Harlem Media Group reaches 1.6 million consumers and is made up of:

  • 360 Entertainment International (link)
  • New Heritage Theatre Group (link)
  • the Harlem Arts Alliance (link)
  • Injoy Enterprises / Rhythm And Soul Radio (link)
  • Harlem World Magazine (link) and partners

With the purpose of jointly Marketing, Advertising and Native Advertising Services from digital to events to tv to video and more .*

* 5% of sales will be donated to a Harlem 501(c)(3) non-profit).

Contact us HERE for questions and ADVERTISING information.