Harlem Families Rally to Save Nasry Michelen Day Care

nasry save it harlemOn Thursday, May 28, City Council Member Mark Levine, State Senator Adriano Espaillat, and dozens of concerned parents and members of the community rallied at Nasry Michelen Day Care (Nasry) and called on the New York City Administration of Children’s Services (ACS) …

… to reconsider their decision not to award a new Early Learn day care contract to Nasry. Nasry, a fixture of the Harlem community for more than 30 years, was the first Dominican-founded day care center in New York City.

Without a new contract, Nasry would be moved from its current site and could be forced to cease operations. ACS issued a request for proposals for a host of day care centers in a process that treated providers who’ve served in a community for decades exactly the same as providers who served in the same area for a only a brief period. Competing with larger, well resourced providers, Nasry, a small single-site center, scored 91 points out of a potential 100 on their proposal to ACS–an impressive and near perfect score. The decision regarding Nasry’s appeal stands to impact over 150 children, and would affect more than 350 family members.

“In its 30 years of operation, Nasry Michelen Day Care Center has earned the faith and gratitude of the West Harlem community. They have provided high quality programming, and a positive environment for the children they serve. I urge the New York City Administration of Children’s Services to reconsider this decision, which fails to take into account the relationships this center has fostered with the families in our community. I have seen first-hand the quality of their work and it is my hope that they can continue to be a resource to those they serve for years to come,” said Council Member Mark Levine.

“The Nasry Michelen Day Care Center is a trusted institution because it has provided excellent early childhood education for 30 years. The center should have its contract restored immediately so it can continue to provide a safe, healthy, bi-lingual and culturally sensitive learning environment for the children in our community,” said State Senator Adriano Espaillat (D-Manhattan/Bronx).

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I want to thank all of our supporters for helping us fight to keep our center open.  We love this community, the children we serve, and we want it to stay open for many more years,” said Nasry Michelen, Executive Director of Nasry Michelen Day Care Center

“Nasry Michelen Day Care Center is the second home for my daughter. The staff takes care of her very well and the love they provide her is incredible. Nasry is the best day care center in the neighborhood and helps so many families. It should stay open long into the future,” said Dr. Ghanshyam Upadhyay, parent of a four year child at Nasry.

Kim Rodriguez, who also has a four year old at Nasry said, “It’s unfair that Nasry Michelen day Care Center could be kicked out of our community. My child has learned so much at the center because they are supportive and they care. Nasry is the best in this area and our community needs them to stay.”

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  1. I am a Nasry Michelen day care center’s parent, I am very disappointed with the decision taken by ACS to give the administration to another institution which I don not know. As a parent, I trust the administration and staff the it running the center. Please, mayor De Blasio take parents comments and concerns in your consideration.

  2. Closing Nasry Michelen is very devastating. I’ve been going there since I was only a year old, and I’m twelve years old now. The teachers there are amazing. They are caring towards every individual child. They make sure each child understands every lesson that is taught. This day care is more than just a day care. These children are learning numbers and seasons. They are learning two languages at the age of three. they can read and write both English and Spanish. A lot of parents won’t be able to work anymore and lose their jobs if you close down this center. So many families will be heartbroken. This center brings happiness to every child’s face. From getting animal crackers for snack, to traveling on a bus to Medieval times. there is no doubt in my mind that a child will become so sad when their mother or father tells them they won’t be going to this daycare anymore. How they won’t be able to be comforted by the kindest teachers when someone won’t share. They are learning the basics of life here. For 32 years this center has been running a phenomenal job. There’s so much diversity in this school. These kids are learning how everyone is equal no matter what race or color. This center has people from Africa, Haiti, you name it. By closing down this center, all that will be caused is harm and sadness to the children and families.

  3. Nasry Michelen one of the best center in New York City serving the West Harlem Community for the last 32 year was not granted a Early Learn Contract. This news devastated the family of this community. Nasry Michelen DCC had help from years working families to keep their children in safe and healthy environment while they were working or going to school. I request the Mayor Bill De Blasio to give close look before finalize his decision.

  4. When we talk about Nasry Michelen Daycare……WE MEAN HIGH QUALITY OF CARE.
    They provide their parents with tools and information they need to raise happy, healthy kids. Their entire staff ensures that children have a safe and nurturing place to grow. In New York it is very important for the minority groups to feel welcomed and especially in a place where they are leaving their most valuable asset. Nasry is a home for all those Hispanic families which meets their lifestyle and basic day to day needs.

  5. Nasry Michelen DayCare Center should not coke their doors cause it will affect the neighborhood in a negative way. People in the area need this daycare for their kids to attend while they are at work. Allot of people are going to lose their jobs if this center closes. The city needs to rethink this before closing this center down. Please save this center!

  6. This Daycare center should not close down. It will do a lot of harm and bring everyone sadness. I know the kids love this place a lot. I been here since I was little. And I love this place so much. It has taught me a lot of new things in life. Made me so much smarter. Thanks to the help of the teachers and Ms.Swalia and Nereyda for making this daycare center a better place day by day. Without this daycare center these kids would not be kids. I spent a lot of time here everyday after school to help out the kids in homework and to teach them new things. I have a brother who recently turned 21 and also has been here. He loves this place a lot and thanks to the help of Ms.Swalia and Nereyda he is becomming something in life. This place can not close down. This community needs it. And more for our kids we cant let them down. And people who work in this place. But most importantly I want to thank the cooks Blasina and my father Clodomiro marte for serving the kids great food. And making sure there are not hungry when they leave. We will keep fighting until the very end because there isn’t any doubt in my heart that this place will close down. I have a lot of faith. And God is with us every step of the way.

  7. Good day care centers are hard to find & this center is great. So many kids need these services to help establish people skills & good study habits. Our community will suffer greatly if they close. Please help save this center and our kids.

  8. People may not realize but Day care centers are an essential part of a child’s education & to move this center would hurt so many. This center needs to continue doing what it has for so many years. Please save this center.

  9. Nasry Michelen DayCare Center shouldn’t CLOSE there doors cause it affects under privilege families with very low income and everybody around is AFFECTED (teachers staff family parents kids) they can’t afford private day care centers in the neighborhood so this is a good option to keep the school open for every child to attend PLEASE SAVE OUR DAYCARE CENTERS. A lot of people are already affected by this tragic circumstance.

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