Harlem B.O.R.N To Style TV Show Returns

born-jonathan-DThe FYI hit show Born to Style has become America’s brand new obsession, with all-star cast of Jonathan Bodrick,Terry Artis, Brandon Hood, Devin Stokes, Kristen E. Brown and JJ Langan.
After airing in over 46 countries on LifeTime Network, Born To Style Tv Series has become a Success, winning the 2015 Tv Taste Award, earning a 2015 GLAAD Nomination, and becoming Honorees of the 2015 Heritage Award, here in the United States .

Born To Style Tv Series is now back in the US after a long 9 month break.  The show is about helping and saving souls and bringing out the inner beauty in the person, not to mention styling, fun, and family.  The dream team, the boss Jonathan & his Super Style Hero Team of the fabulous 5 are ready.  The program is a comedy relief and heart felt show, with this Amazing cast, a must see.  It’s one of FYI Networks highest anticipated shows and fans are desperately awaiting its return.  The show is produced by EP David Bodrick, Tracey Kemble, Dean Slotar, Lauren Wohl, Ken Druckerman.

The show will premiere on September 11 on the FYI Network @ 10am to 12noon, there will be 3 episodes back to back.  The wait is over, let the fashion begin.
Harlem B.O.R.N To Style TV Show Returns to FYI Network


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