From Weed Mansions To CBD Restaurants, The New World Of Luxury Cannabis Is Here

Inside The High End, Barneys New York’s new fifth-floor boutique in Beverly Hills, designer bongs and stash boxes, ashtrays and gold rolling papers sit alongside products with a wellness bent. You can’t buy weed itself there, but you can place a delivery order from Barneys’ marijuana-fulfillment partner, Beboe, co-founded by celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell.

In Manhattan, Higher Standards at Chelsea Market has taken a similar approach, selling sleek cannabis accessories—think beaker-like bongs—in a tasteful setting, while charging your credit card under the discreet HS moniker.

Welcome to the new world of luxury cannabis that includes various forms such as high strength CBD oil. With recreational use of marijuana now legal in 10 US states and Washington, DC, plus all of Canada, and market research firm BDS Analytics estimating that legit cannabis products accounted for $12.2 billion in global sales last year, upscale retailers, restaurants, chocolatiers, and even real-estate developers want in on the action.

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Cannabis-friendly private social club Mota (Spanish slang for weed) just opened in a historic building in downtown Los Angeles, complete with a spa, restaurant, coffee bar and garden lounge. In nearby West Hollywood, cultivator Lowell Herb Co. is set to open one of the city’s first cannabis restaurants this summer, with THC (the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis) or CBD (the nonintoxicating compound in cannabis) infused into every dish, from savory to sweet. Expect something more sophisticated than your brother’s pot brownies. Perhaps the menu will eventually reflect the terroir where various strains have been grown. Taking a page from the wine industry, the California Department of Food and Agriculture is considering an AVA-style appellation system of official rules for cannabis regions and varieties.

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To help tokers indulge stylishly at home, developer and designer Ramtin Ray Nosrati is building five “cannabis mansions” in LA, with a price tag of about $30 million each. Kitted out with the usual plush spaces, the homes will also have a new one: an indoor garden behind a glass wall where a gardener (the service is included in the home’s price) will tend and harvest both marijuana plants and vegetables. View your garden from the fully ventilated smoking-slash-TV lounge. Snacks at the ready.

Ramtin Ray Nosrati’s Huntington Estate Properties is developing cannabis mansions complete with areas where owners can grow their own marijuana plants.

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