Friends Of Harlem World Magazine (HWM)

The mission of Friends of Harlem World Magazine is to support, promote, and enhance the initiatives of Harlem World Magazine while fostering community engagement and contributing to the cultural, social, and economic development of Harlem.


  1. Support Harlem World Magazine: Friends of Harlem World Magazine are dedicated to supporting the growth, sustainability, and success of the magazine. They actively participate in activities and initiatives that align with the magazine’s mission and values.
  2. Foster Community Engagement: Friends of Harlem World Magazine serve as ambassadors of the magazine within the Harlem community. They actively engage with local residents, businesses, organizations, and institutions to promote the magazine’s content, events, and initiatives. They strive to build strong relationships and foster a sense of community pride and ownership.
  3. Volunteer and Contribute: Friends of Harlem World Magazine actively seek opportunities to volunteer their time, skills, and resources to contribute to the magazine’s operations and activities. They may assist with magazine distribution, event planning, content creation, or other areas where their expertise and passion can make a meaningful impact.
  4. Fundraising and Financial Support: Friends of Harlem World Magazine actively participate in fundraising efforts to ensure the magazine’s financial stability and growth. They may contribute through individual donations, sponsorships, or by organizing fundraising events. They advocate for the magazine’s importance and seek financial support from individuals, businesses, and foundations.
  5. Collaborate and Partner: Friends of Harlem World Magazine actively seek opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with other community organizations, institutions, and businesses. They leverage their networks and connections to create meaningful partnerships that amplify the magazine’s reach and impact.
  6. Promote Diversity and Inclusion: Friends of Harlem World Magazine value and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of their involvement with the magazine. They strive to ensure that the magazine’s content, events, and initiatives reflect and celebrate the rich cultural heritage and diversity of Harlem.
  7. Communication and Advocacy: Friends of Harlem World Magazine serves as advocates for the magazine and its mission. They actively communicate and share the magazine’s content through various channels, such as social media, word-of-mouth, and community networks. They act as ambassadors, promoting the magazine’s positive impact and encouraging others to engage with it.
  8. Evaluation and Growth: Friends of Harlem World Magazine actively participates in evaluating the impact and effectiveness of the organization’s activities and initiatives. They provide feedback, suggestions, and insights to help improve and strengthen the magazine’s reach and engagement within the Harlem community.

By adhering to these guidelines and embracing the mission, Friends of Harlem World Magazine can play a vital role in supporting, promoting, and enhancing the magazine’s impact, while fostering a vibrant and engaged community in Harlem.

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