Fresh Instagram Trends To Drive Customer Engagement

November 20, 2020

Instagram has slowly turned into one of the most useful social platforms and is a fantastic way for users to share glimpses of their life visually, allowing people to interact with another easily. Aside from personal connection, many businesses and brands turn to Instagram to drive customer engagement for their product service. Plus, businesses have countless ways to go about doing this, whether it’s with a more modern method (take a look at this site here for a more information) or with a traditional approach.

Either way, there’s plenty to know about Instagram and how to navigate the platform to get the most out of it as a business. Regardless of this, knowing all of these guides and proper executions on the site will allow companies to get the most out of the platform.

Below will take a closer look at some of the numerous ways a company can use Instagram for their business or brand. Many of these examples aren’t a full-proof solution for a company or brand to immediately achieve customer engagement, but it should work much quicker than they might realize.

1. Consistency

The fundamental part of any business or brand to know about Instagram has to do with consistency. Consistency is vital for posting content on a scheduled basis to gain an audience along with it.

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For the most part, humans like to know when they can expect content from something, regardless if it’s a business or not. As a result, the best companies on Instagram have a social media schedule they stick to.

In fact, many businesses follow the best times for them to post on Instagram, meaning they know the theoretical best times for them to post on Instagram. Understanding the simple tips associated with cases like this can go a long way.

2. A Visual Look

Besides having a consistent content schedule for Instagram, many users need to know about the essential being of having a visual look. More specifically, businesses should follow a consistent look for every post and story they make.

Basically, a theme is a better way to put it when discussing an Instagram page’s overall visual-ness, meaning there are an overshadowing look and theme to everything on the Instagram page. As a result, more users are willing to engage if the visual-ness begins to excite them.

People love looking at something attractive to them in the sense of a visual look that’s aesthetically pleasing. A business’s aesthetic is a fundamental part for them to achieve. This can easily be transitioned to their Instagram page.

3. User-Generated Content

It’s vital for business Instagram pages to have a professional and unique look tied to their business, but having user engagement is most easily done through user-generated content. User-generated content can be done in various ways, many of which can be very creative.

For starters, the process is entirely straightforward by being allowing users to create content for the business. This can be done through a contest, reposting, submissions of some kind, and much more. Contests tend to be the best way to do it and usually allow the business to proliferate.

Nevertheless, understanding how to efficiently do user-generated content can go a long way with driving the overall customer engagement of a business’s Instagram page. Plus, just about every person is willing to play along with something like a contest.

4. The Use of Influencers

By now, the vast majority of people have a general understanding of who influencers are and their role on Instagram. For those who don’t know, an influencer is defined as someone with a following on Instagram who can influence the people who follow them.

This can be anyone from an already established celebrity, a YouTuber, model, or anyone who simply has a large following. Basically, people will listen to people they admire or look up to, thus why influencers have become such a large market.

As a result, many businesses love to utilize an influencer who fits their business to promote and drive traffic. Keep in mind, influencers can be quite pricey depending on how large of a following they have.

5. Instagram Stories

Lastly, Instagram stories are a magnificent way for businesses to reach everyone who follows them directly. Since Instagram posts have to follow the Instagram algorithm, not everyone who follows the page will see it all at once.

Thus, many people and businesses will utilize their Instagram stories to speak with their followers immediately. Stories are especially useful for making announcements, sharing a post, and much more.

As far as driving engagement is concerned, what better way to grow the means than with Instagram stories since there’s a lot connected to the matter for a business to utilize. Companies need to use everything in front of them, so why stories are so useful on Instagram.

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