FLUX Art Fair Announces Public Art Projects In Harlem

flux art harlemEach year FLUX Art Fair responds to its location, community partners, curatorial leadership, and international artistic movements.  In 2016 FLUX Art Fair will take the form of all public art with its nucleus in Marcus Garvey Park, extending east to East Harlem Art Park and west to Malcolm X Blvd (Lenox Ave).

Artists and Galleries are invited to respond to the curatorial theme “Changing Landscapes.” In recent cultural geography, the tendency to conceive of landscape as natural and given has been strongly challenged. Each artist may approach the theme from a perspective that aligns with their practice, ie.: ethnographically, ecologically, socially, historically, geographically, technologically, ideologically, or with a multi-focal view point.  Artists are strongly encouraged to tour Marcus Garvey Park prior to submitting proposals. And though an artist may respond with a global perspective it is suggested that artists consider how their installation will be perceived within the scope of the installation site and the community.

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