Ferris Wheel Jay, Soho, Prod. by TrakFormaz (video)

02a72049-f023-4f67-8028-cd087d35be39Something new from our Harlem folks at Digiwaxx. Here’s what they say about Ferris Wheel Jay.

Executive Producer Om Ayinde and the production team the Trackformaz get together with the artist FERRIS WHEEL JAY and create a new EP called the “HOUSE OF HEARTS”.

Here it is:

A five song musical adventure that brings a unique experience from a unconventional standpoint. It’s not all about the money it’s more of a musical homage to all that we love using some of our favorite musical classics Reimagined to tell the story.

“When forces unite to create for the love of creating art, you make something money cant buy!”

This EP is more like a canvas of pictures painted sounds and melodies audio mended from the soul and inspired from the very roots of creativity itself.

Welcome To The House Of Hearts!

What do you think?

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