Famous Fish, Best Fried Fish And Chips In Harlem

famous fish in harlem1That’s right, the Best Fried Fish And Chips in Harlem is Famous Fish Market on 684 St. Nicholas Avenue in West Harlem. The neighborhood fish spot located just below 145th Street in Hamilton Heights has some of the best salted fried whiting and fries in the world for a great price.  We ‘ve been eating this “old-fashioned fish fry food” at Famous Fish for decades, still do today and that fish and fries is enough for two or more people for well under $10 (including a tip). Dont take our word for it Pusha T, and other celebrities have eaten there too.
o (1)This is strictly a takeout joint without any seating, it’s about the size of a closet on the inside, so there are almost always lines outside, but there are a couple of parks nearby for those who want to have an outdoor munch. All the seafood is presented on the counter when ordered and customers have a split second to add-on toppings such as ketchup, cocktail, tartar (a must), mustard, hot sauce before two thick slices of bread are added on top. Then everything is wrapped up and ready to go – its finger licking good.
When you eat at Famous Fish come back and leave a comment below and let us how you liked it.
Famous Fish Market, 684 St. Nicholas Avenue, New York, NY 10030 (b/t 145th and 141st Streets), Harlem, New York, 212.491.8323

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