Before Facebook and Twitter, before e-mail and cell phones, there was real-time, face-to-face conversation where ideas were presented, positions debated, and solutions brainstormed.

Beyond our destination website, our Harlem World Talks site and our free high-touch events are designed to promote public conversation throughout Harlem. It’s our attempt to bring people together in real time to learn, engage and renew.

Harlem World Talks

Harlem World Talks hosts “thought leader” one-on-one and panel conversations around key Harlem issues that directly relate to the community. Panelists include influencers from tech to, set in the community, unscripted and include a Q&A time period for audience participation. Talks have been live streamed, shared on social media, and posted on the site.

  • Bronze: 30 Second Spot (3)  $249
  • Silver: Guest spot & 300 x 60 banner (2) $499
  • Gold: Host spot & 300 x 250 banner(1) $999

Harlem World Speakers’ Bureau

Many of the Harlem World staff members and contributors are our keynote speakers who moderate conversations and participate in panel discussions. If you would like us to speak at your event, contact us.

A La Carte

Premium Event Page

Posts on our website, limited social and on Eventbrite page to feature event.

  • Premium Event Eventbrite page $ 99 each

Space is limited.


Our Services 

Contact us regarding our Content Studio and Sponsorship opportunities.