Essential Items You Need To Have In Your First Aid Kit

November 9, 2020

A first aid kit is a vital tool whether you are backpacking through the Amazon or driving to work in your car.

The first aid kit is meant to treat or stop medical injuries so help can arrive.

A first aid kit can have very many items depending on its size. However, there are items that are indispensable to any first aid kit including:

Antiseptic Wash

When treating an open wound after an accident, safety is paramount. Since it is very rare that you will have soap and water at an accident, an antiseptic wash is the next best thing.

The best antiseptic washes should project a stream strong enough to clean dirt from the wound but gentle enough not to harm it. An antiseptic wash will disinfect the wound as well due to its microbial properties.

You may have antiseptic wipes to use with the antiseptic wash. They will help remove dirt which the wash cannot.

Adhesive Bandages

Adhesive bandages are crucial to any first aid kit due to their versatility. They can be used to cover cuts, scrapes, blisters, and burns among other injuries. Moreover, bandages come in many shapes and sizes so they can be used on any injury whatsoever. The more the variety of adhesive bandages in your first aid kit, the better. An adhesive bandage should completely cover the wound but also allow it to breathe. Some adhesive bandages have antimicrobial properties that medicate the wound.

Gauze Pads

A gauze pad is just as versatile as an adhesive bandage. However, a gauze pad is usually bigger than a gauze pad. The professionals from say that a gauze pad should be part of every first aid kit. They are typically used to cover wounds that are too big for a band-aid or an adhesive bandage. They will stop the bleeding and protect the wound. They also come in a variety of sizes so it is best to have a wide collection of them. 

Antibiotic Ointment

One of the biggest dangers of an open wound is an infection by bacteria. Therefore, it is essential that you have some antibiotic treatment in your first aid kit to treat the wound. The good news is that there is a wide variety of antibiotic topical creams available. They will usually be sold under brand names but you need to check which medications they contain.  

You can apply the antibiotic treatment directly to a wound or to gauze or adhesive tape before wrapping it around the wound. However, all antibiotic ointments are very dangerous when ingested so wash your hands after using them.


There are very items in a first aid kit that are as versatile or essential as a pair of scissors. A good pair of scissors can be used to cut many things like medical tape, bandages, and gauze pads so that they better fit the wound. Scissors are also a great tool for cutting out excessive clothing so you can reach a wound. That may also include shoes or protective gear.

The issue arises when you decide which type of scissors to use in your first aid kit. The best are small and curved medical scissors; they are safer and more ergonomic.   

Disposable Gloves

It is paramount to ensure a wound is clean when treating it at any time. In emergency situations, it is difficult to find soap and water. Disposable gloves and the sell test strips are the best alternatives in this regard. They protect both the victim of the accident and the one administering treatment. By wearing gloves, you prevent bacteria and other microbes from entering the wound hence preventing infection. Latex gloves are the best ones to put in a medical kit unless you are allergic.

Instant Cold Pack

Ice has been used to treat injuries for centuries. They not only help the clotting of blood but they also offer pain relief to the injury. However, it is impossible to always have cold ice in your first aid kit. Therefore, you should keep an instant cold pack.

The cold pack turns into ice when the material inside of it is activated. Typically, you shake it or bend it and within a few minutes, it is cold as ice. Unfortunately, an ice pack can only be used once so one will not do. Have several depending on the size of your kit.

If you have the above items in your first aid kit, then you should feel safe to go anywhere. You will definitely be able to handle any minor injuries to you or a loved one. However, the more stacked your first aid kit, the better. In any case, it’s always better to have these items in a kit in case an emergency occurs.

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