East Harlem MMA Fighter Sues Supplement Maker

A mixed martial arts fighter from Spanish Harlem sued Thursday over tainted supplements that he says got him suspended before a momentous UFC showdown at Madison Square Garden.

Lyman (Cyborg) Good alleged in Manhattan Supreme Court that the supplement manufacturer, Gaspari Nutrition, intentionally deceived consumers about the contents of its product, Anavite.

The product says it’s fit for any “category bodybuilder, MMA athlete or weekend warrior.” But the supplement does not disclose on its list of ingredients that it contains “1-andro,” a steroid prohibited by the UFC and deemed a controlled substance by the FDA, the suit says.

Good, 32, also brought related claims in a separate suit filed in Manhattan Federal Court.

The fighter said he turned over bottles of the supplement to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, which confirmed the presence of the steroid, according to the suit.

He alleges that Gaspari does not disclose the steroid among the supplement’s ingredients because it makes the product more desirable to consumers.

“Harmful illegal drugs were added in order to increase sales in the competitive dietary supplements industry,” the suit charges.

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