Drilling Rigs Maintenance

December 22, 2022

Just like any other object, drilling rigs to need proper periodic maintenance.

The criteria of maintenance are wide but it starts with a visual main inspection of equipment regularly. The maintenance of a rig is not simple and depends upon a multitude of factors like climate, machine load cycles, and the overall work environment. All of these factors combine to provide a subjective approach to a drill’s needs.

Lack of proper maintenance of equipment takes a toll on the growth prospects. Its most obvious manifestation is shutdowns which become frequent if the drill is not in a good health. The drills are complex and require the maintenance of all the specific parts individually. The problem is sometimes exacerbated due to the harsh conditions drills have to work in often.

For rigs, preventive maintenance is the only viable option. As said earlier, regular inspections are necessary. Other activities like lubrication, repair, part replacement, and the like should be properly scheduled. This routine maintenance keeps unexpected shutdowns to a minimum. In addition to profit losses, a catastrophic failure can lead to personnel injury and further losses. So, if a drill is regularly used, it should be thoroughly inspected once a month at least. A general inspection before starting operations is further recommended. Moreover, if the drill is to be started after a long shutdown, a proper inspection should be done beforehand.

A general inspection focuses on specific components. Hoisting Equipment, to pull up the drilling mechanism is to be checked for wear. Its hooks and wire ropes can wear out easily and lack of replacement can lead to significant failures. If the drill is horizontally directional, drill rods are used instead of hoisting equipment. Worker training is required to operate them successfully. Resistance and pressure gauges require further attention. The same goes for the mud circulation system which can be simple to complex depending on the type of drill. For both, crack and leaks are to be focused on in addition to deposit buildups. The pressure imbalances as a result of these neglections can be catastrophic.

The engine needs special attention. If the drill is working on a hard surface, it requires more power. So, a drill with not enough engine power is a recipe for failure. Other engine maintenance includes oil and coolant levels and their regular replacements. A rig should never be allowed to operate on dirty oil which will fail to lubricate the engine. For smooth working, always use clean oil and a fresh filter. The inspecting team should focus on that no parts are loosened because of the continuous vibrations.

While inspecting hydraulic systems, always start with the hydraulic fluid and oil. Using the wrong oil for your equipment will have a negative impact. Moreover, the hydraulic pumps, hoses, and filters must be in good working order.

For every operation to be successful, the health of a drilling rig is paramount. Any looseness on this part will drain your profits due to the unexpected shutdowns. An extensive selection of drilling rigs is available which can be explored for more viable options if your current equipment is not up to providing optimum results.

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