Donor Analysis And Interactive Map For Clinton Vs Trump Presidential Campaign

trump-and-hillaryWe wanted to share with you an updated data study regarding the Clinton Vs Trump presidential campaign from NY-based RentHop.

There have been a few rounds of additional FEC data since then, and the map has been updated showing Clinton widening her lead and new donation amounts as well have been added in.


Click HERE for the link to the new updated data study.

Key Harlem and New York highlights:

  • Hillary Clinton has 37,009 unique donors in Harlem and NYC giving her $41.49 million
  • Donald Trump roused the support of just 3,037 donors in NYC worth $1.53 million
  • A significant number of donations to the Trump campaign have been refunded over the past two months (RentHop has revised some donor counts down since their last study)
  • Trump has a slight majority of donors in Staten Island, with 435 to her 425, but Clinton raised more money
  • Manhattan especially loves Hillary, 95% of donors gave to her instead Trump
  • Just 135 donors gave to Gary Johnson and another 102 donated to Jill Stein across the city

RentHop helps renters find great apartments. We use sophisticated data analysis to rank apartment listings based on their “freshness”, their accuracy and completeness and the responsiveness of the manager who listed the apartment on our site.

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