Despite Crackdown, Numerous Cars With Placards Found Parked Illegally Near Harlem Schools

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s crackdown on rampant parking permit abuse by city officials is so far a no-go.

As CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer found, some school personnel are still ignoring the rules.

CBS2 found a mountain of abuses Friday, after Mayor Bill de Blasio gave school officials 50,000 new permits and then tried to deal with the blowback by ordering the NYPD to ticket and tow the violators.

Multiple drivers with placards were spotted parking in no standing zones, and in zones where signs read, “no parking anytime.”

At the Terrence Tolbert Educational Complex on West 133rd Street, there were several drivers apparently seeking special treatment — using clearly illegal placards in the form of letters addressed to “dear Department of Transportation agent.”

In the parking lot at Chelsea Prep, there were at least five cars with no permits at all.

A big question, Kramer reported, is why school personnel thought it was OK to park on the sidewalk. There were numerous drivers who did so, and none were ticketed.

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