David Barclay Moore’s ‘The Stars Beneath Our Feet’ Explains A World Of Harlem

October 12, 2017

In David Barclay Moore’s stunning debut novel, The Stars Beneath Our Feet, 12-year-old Harlem resident Lolly Rachpaul is about to endure his first Christmas without his older brother, who died months earlier in a gang-related shooting. As Lolly approaches his teen years, he’s pressured to join a neighborhood “crew” just like his brother did — knowing that it would offer him protection, but also a dangerous life. When his mom’s girlfriend gives him two bags of LEGOs and no instructions, he has to figure out how to build things on his own — just like he’s trying to do in the real world.

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To get a taste of The Stars Beneath Our Feet before it hits shelves on September 19th, 2017, HERE on Entertainment Weekly.

Get it here at $ 10.68

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