Countries With The Fastest Internet Connections In The World

June 7, 2021

In the current digital world, the internet has become an inevitable requirement.

From students using it to ace their courses to adults using it to work and organizing home, from friends communicating with each other to individuals enjoying gaming and streaming all day long, from taking care of the bills to booking a doctor’s appointment – we are relying on the internet more than ever.

Today’s internet is faster than it was at any other time, because of the new advances in technology. This superfast internet permits us to share heavy files, work remotely while collaborating with the entire team, play intense games, and stream multiple programs at the same time. Especially in the developed countries, the era of dial-up modem has ended and the era of the fastest internet routines has well begun.

In the event that you have put your resources into the fastest internet around there, you might be amazed to discover that different countries throughout the planet have considerably faster speeds. You would also be surprised to find out that we come tenth on the list of countries with the fastest speeds in the world with an average speed of 161.14 Mbps. This does not mean that it is the highest speed in the United States; it is the average internet speed. However, if you are looking for the fastest internet speeds in the U.S., Spectrum packages with speeds up to 1000 Mbps will keep you hooked to your online activities including streaming, downloading, and browsing.

As indicated by a report shared by Ookla in 2020, a designated website to test internet speed, the average global download broadband speed is 85.73 Mbps and mobile download speed is 35.96 Mbps. The numbers tend to increase with the advancement of technology.

In light of information from the Ookla report focused on broadband speeds, Singapore, with 226.60 Mbps, is the country with the fastest download speeds. Hong Kong assumes the second position on the global ranking with 210.73 Mbps and the third rank plaque goes to Romania with 193.47 Mbps.

The nations with the fastest download mobile speeds are, however, different. South Korea ranks first with 121.00 Mbps of mobile internet speed, China follows next with 113.35 Mbps, while the United Arab Emirates comes third with 109.43 Mbps.

Here is a table displaying the broadband as well as mobile internet speeds for the top twenty countries with the fastest internet connections in the world:

We have briefly discussed the top-tier countries with the fastest internet connections in the world here:


Singapore is not only one of the best economies in the world but has the fastest internet as well. It is a highly developed and advanced country. The average internet speed that the masses enjoy is 226.6 megabytes per second. People who are interested in pursuing a career in Information Technology are rapidly moving to this country and you should too if you have similar interests. Furthermore, if you have any such plans, you will be happy to know that Singapore offers permanent residency on account of commercial investment.

Hong Kong

It is a common fact that most tech-savvy individuals favor Hong Kong over any other nation due to its infrastructure and easy access to superfast internet speeds. All citizens enjoy 210.73 Mbps of download speed on average. Hong Kong does not only top the list of entrepreneurial ventures and internet speeds, it rules the quality of life index as well.


For the last couple of years, digital geeks have started turning to Romania for career advancement. It is among the countries that outsource the most and high-speed internet connection is one of the contributing factors. With an average download speed of 193.47 Mbps, Romania is one country that offers fast internet and a low cost of living. Setting up a business in Romania is especially a good decision as you not only get access to the fastest internet but also can very well afford skilled labor too.


An all-inclusive hub of superfast internet, privacy, wealth, beauty, and safety, Switzerland is the home of world-class business infrastructure. The average internet speed that the citizens enjoy is 178.81 megabytes per second. Since it is one of the favorite tourist attractions, Switzerland is always packed with people and fast internet plays a great role in their satisfaction.


The fifth on the list is Thailand. It is the second-largest economy of Southeast Asia and presents its residents with the best quality of life with the contributing factor of the internet. Thailand has been focusing on technological advancement for a long time and now the citizens can reap its benefits.


The country of literature, history, and beauty – France is the epitome of art. The wine, the cuisine, the museums, the fashion, the culture, and now the internet has made it a little haven. The masses enjoy an average download speed of 173.05 Mbps, which means that a 5 GB file can be downloaded in less than two minutes.


Previously known for its architecture, Denmark is now renowned for its superfast internet speeds as well. The residents of the country enjoy 162.08 Mbps download speeds on average. Denmark has been thriving as a country due to its progressive government policies and modern business infrastructure.

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