Council Members Rodriguez And Oswald Call For Increase Leadership Diversity Across City Agencies

Today Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez held a press conference alongside Council Member Felix Oswald calling on City Hall to increase diversity to all leadership positions of city agencies.

The City has the opportunity to leave a legacy and increase diversity within all leadership positions of the City.

New York City is 29% Latino, 24% Black, and 14% Asian, however these communities have not been represented within the leadership of City Agencies.

New York City is 29% Latino, 24% Black, and 14% Asian, however these communities have not been represented within the leadership of City Agencies.

Councilmember Rodriguez recognizes that in this administration there has been some important progress, however, the City is far from where it could be.

New York City’s leadership across all institutions public and private must reflect our diversity.

Councilmember Rodriguez called on The New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) to increase their transparency and release the information they have relating to diversity within the City’s leadership positions.

Council Members emphasized the need to ensure these positions are reflective of working-class New Yorkers.

Additionally, Council Member Rodriguez urged the MTA to increase the diversity within their leadership positions. Pat Foye and Sarah Feinberg will soon be exiting their positions at the end of this week.

Councilman Rodriguez discussed the importance of having diversity within the leadership board at the MTA.

“I recognize that the City has made significant improvements to increase the diversity of all City agencies. However, we are far from reaching numbers that reflect the composition of our communities. Black, Latino, and Asian communities are part of the majority in New York City, and we must see that reflection within the leadership roles of all City agencies,” said Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez. “We must be seen as a role model by ensuring that all city agencies reflect the communities they serve at the senior-most level. The MTA must also ensure that their leadership board is reflective of the everyday New Yorkers that rely on our transportation system. I will continue to work alongside Mayor de Blasio, Speaker Johnson, and Union leaders to continue increasing the number of Black, Latino, and Asian workers in leadership positions.”

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Leonardo Coello, Bronx Community Leader said, “This is a critical matter that needs to be addressed. During the pandemic, lives were lost not only to the virus but also to decisions made by government leaders who had no understanding of the Latino community. We need leaders that are a reflection of everday, working-class New Yorkers.

Read more about Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez here.

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