Compt Raises $1.5 Million Seed Round Led By Harlem Capital Partners

The funding will be used to help Compt reach more businesses, and ultimately, more employees, to ensure they’re happier and more engaged at work and supported in their lives.

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Founded in 2018, Compt began its mission to transform the way businesses manage their perks programs. Founded on the idea that when perks become personalized to the unique needs of each employee, everyone can live their best lives. Compt’s software helps companies create, manage, and streamline their employee perk systems through a unique no-vendor perk stipend approach.

By putting perk funds directly into employees perk stipends, companies can avoid the traditional one-size-fits-all perks like on-site gym facilities, dry cleaning, catered lunches, and other point solutions which just aren’t cutting it anymore. Perk stipends allow employers to know that their investment is supporting their people to get what they need which can have a genuine impact on their lives. Customers include Webflow, Nextdoor, Best Place to Work, and Employee Benefits Solutions Brokers (EBS).

“At Harlem Capital, it is our mission to back diverse founders who are bringing game-changing innovations to market,” says Henri Pierre-Jacques, Managing Partner of Harlem Capital. “We are excited about investing in Compt because their approach to supporting all employees through personalized perks is transformational. We looked at many companies in this space but found that the Compt platform was completely unique. That they are such a diverse team each bringing their own perspectives to the product and solution is a direct correlation with why their platform is so different.”

Amy Spurling, Co-founder, and CEO said, “We’re so excited to be adding forward-thinking investors who bring a diverse set of experiences and perspectives to our brain trust. I started this business because as a former three-time CFO, I continued to see that our benefits spoke to only a certain percentage of our team. We believe Compt is the way of the future. Perks should be personalized and they should meet you where you are — wherever you work, wherever you live.”

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“We are beyond excited to be part of the new round for Compt,” says David Brown, Managing Director of Impellent Ventures. “Although funding is slowing down slightly as of recent, great entrepreneurs and great companies will thrive and create meaning in this changing environment, which is why Compt was able to put together this round with ease. In particular, as the way we do work changes, perk management and HR software companies will play a crucial role in helping companies and employees adjust to new realities, with Compt being a leader on this front.”

Spurling and co-founder Sarah Bedrick started Compt to address two key problems, the outdated one-size-fits-all perks which leaves them underwhelming for employees despite them being a significant form compensation strategy today, and the overwhelming administrative burden that HR professionals face when managing perk programs.

“We’re really excited about what the future holds,” Spurling says. “Right now, we’re experiencing one of the most significant shifts in how we work of our time. We’re just getting started and are looking forward to helping companies everywhere adapt.”

Compt ( is a perk management software that helps companies create, manage, and streamline perk stipends that delight employees and create a more productive and engaged workforce.

The company is based in Boston, and is the only perk stipend software that:

  • Works seamlessly for all of your employees – regardless of whether they are at HQ, fully remote, or working in another country.
  • Doesn’t limit your team to vendors so that employees can choose exactly what they want when they want it.
  • Has no per-user fee and simple fixed price plans.
  • Ensures 100 percent IRS compliance without any extra effort from you.
  • Offers effortless payroll and finance reporting and clear metrics for success.
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