Choosing The Right Proxy From Harlem To Hollywood

April 29, 2022

Your convenience in using a proxy depends not so much on choosing a good proxy as such but on a quality proxy provider. A trusted company delivers the best servers for certain amounts of money. If you choose a quality provider, you will automatically solve the problem with choosing a good proxy server. Let’s look at this using the proxy service provider as an example.

In this case, there are several basic recommendations for choosing a service provider, and this will be discussed in this article. We will also talk a little about proxies as such and why they are needed.

Briefly about proxies

When you use the Internet normally, your device sends requests to the target sites directly. In this case, Internet resources will recognize your IP address, location, and some other data. In addition, the provider or site owners may block access to their resources for you based on your location or because of the prohibitions of local or state authorities.

Instead of a direct connection to Internet resources, you can use an intermediary in the form of proxy servers. They provide data exchange between you and the target site, passing all traffic through themselves and disguising your data as proxy server data. In this way, you can bypass restrictions from providers, hide your real location and IP address, increase download speed, and so on.

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What is the difference between a proxy and a VPN

Proxies and VPNs have both common features and differences. Both of these technologies help bypass blocking and increase the degree of anonymity. But VPN works on a completely different technology. If you don’t mind installing additional software, are willing to pay more for increased speed and anonymity, and also want to protect the transmitted data, a VPN will help you.

If you need a good anonymizer that also increases the data transfer speed but is cheaper, then you need a proxy server. Connecting to a proxy rarely requires additional software (only if you need to do some specific work, such as arbitration). In addition, it is worth noting that a paid proxy is almost always cheaper than a paid VPN with conditionally the same quality. But still, if you need the highest quality service without restrictions, you will have to pay anyway.

It is also worth clarifying that it is worth using completely free proxies or VPNs only as a last resort. This puts your cyber security at great risk. You risk losing your personal data and picking up various viruses.

What can give its users?

As mentioned above, your convenience and quality of a proxy directly depends on a trusted proxy service provider. It is worth choosing only trusted providers with a large number of reviews on different resources from real users.

It is also important to have a large number of different service packages for different prices, for example:

  • Economy
  • Advanced
  • All-Inclusive

It will also be an advantage to be able to contact the support service and create for yourself a unique package with only those services that you need, while the price will be individual and will depend on the selected number of services. 

If you analyze the selected proxy service provider (, you will notice that it meets all of the above criteria. In addition, it is impossible to just buy hundreds and thousands of reviews on different sites and resources. Finding real reviews from buyers in this case is not difficult. If you don’t trust company reviews on the company’s website, which is logical, just search the Internet and you will find them on other sites. We wish you a safe and pleasant Internet experience!

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