CBD Sales Stay Strong In Harlem And Across The United States As The World Fights Covid-19

By Bretton Love

The Covid-19 crisis has turned into a full-blown pandemic and with countries across the globe implementing lockdown, many citizens are still staying on top of their daily CBD regiments. CBD manufacturers, such as CBDfx, that have established a good reputation with the general public expect their customer following to remain strong. CBDfx makes award-winning CBD pills that their clients love, and have continued to fly off the shelves even given the current global situation. 

Some CBD companies like CBDfx have established themselves not only as the highest-quality CBD manufacturers around but also as health and wellness brands that pride themselves on promoting the wellbeing of their customers. Top tier CBD companies have also begun to manufacture a wide variety of products in an attempt to fit into the average CBD user’s everyday lifestyle. Many CBD users have a daily dose of CBD that they depend on to alleviate some of their specific ailments. This is one of product demand that does not go away, even during a pandemic.

As so many businesses suffer from huge revenue losses due to both closures implemented by the government, and the fact that people are terrified to go outside because of the potential for them to be exposed to the Covid-19 virus. Without foot traffic, many businesses are not able to afford to keep their doors open, or their staff employed. Much of the U.S is seeing huge increases in unemployment due to the simple fact that their employers can’t afford to stay open, let alone pay people to help them out. A number of businesses in the United States have been ordered to close down completely until further notice, as they have been deemed unessential, and the government feels that these businesses pose more risk for spreading the Covid-19 virus than they are worth to society.

Some examples of unessential businesses are bars, nightclubs, sporting events, restaurants, and a variety of other establishments that don’t really provide anything that is absolutely essential for survival or to maintain our current social structure. Though it may be quite fun to go to bars and have drinks with friends or go to a night club and peacock around trying to find a potential mate, they are not absolutely necessary for us as humans to continue life. In fact, they are not much more than forms of entertainment, and at a time where social distancing is truly necessary to stop the spread of this horrible virus, it is important that such establishments remain closed until health officials give the public the O.K.

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It is no surprise that the CBD industry is seeing fairly little damage during this time, as it is a health and wellness product that many people feel they truly depend on, and because the majority of CBD sales happen through online marketplaces. With so many people scared to leave their homes, it is hugely beneficial for companies to offer their products in an online marketplace and have the ability to ship said items to the customer’s home or place of business. For some people that are still going to work during the pandemic, it is the only place they are willing to go besides a home or the grocery store, so being able to order CBD straight to your home or place of work often makes customers feel much more relaxed about making their purchase.

Reasons like these are all contributing factors in the CBD industry being able to stay strong and remain in demand throughout such a trying time. People just love CBD, and being able to order it online right to their front door means they are just going to keep doing it. CBD users have watched so much of the world change around them in the past few weeks, but one thing that has remained steady and reliable is CBD. Oftentimes people will have weekly or monthly orders of CBD that they place online, and depend on through the coming weeks or months. These people have seen little to no change in their supply of CBD because it is an industry that just hasn’t really been affected yet.

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An unfortunate prospect for the CBD industry is if hemp farmers around the United States aren’t able to work. Though many CBD has amassed a huge inventory that could probably satisfy the market for the coming months, this supply could run out, with CBD manufacturers unable to replenish it until the hemp farms can open again. As scary as this is, it is highly unlikely. That being said, so are pandemics, so it might just be time to stock up on all of your favorite CBD products. Toilet paper went fast in the U.S even though there is no problem manufacturing toilet paper right now. If you walk into a store, you will see an empty easel that used to be full of toilet paper.

My fear, and the fear of some other CBD users, is that if the hemp farms throughout the country get shut down where will that leave us? Once the backed inventory runs out people could be without their CBD. I am almost certain people will start hoarding CBD just like they did with toilet paper and milk. I think a good piece of advice would be to buy an emergency supply of your favorite CBD products or the ones you just can’t live without, and put them in a box and forget about them unless you need them. Keep your emergency supply separate from your daily supply, so if the worst happens, and you can no longer purchase your CBD, then you will be able to utilize your emergency rations.

The CBD industry is strong for now, and we believe it will continue to thrive throughout the entirety of the pandemic. We also feel a degree of precaution should be taken if you depend on CBD, and you should stock up.

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