6 Ways To Keep Your Look Fresh This Winter

As the weather inevitably slides from the crisp frostiness of Fall into the snowy chill of Winter, you want to keep your wardrobe looking fresh. Continue Reading →

Keep Your Hands Soft And Healthy This Winter

As the temperatures plummet outside and we turn up the thermostats in our homes, the skin on our hands can quickly look dry and chapped. Continue Reading →

NYC EM Issues Hazardous Travel Advisory For Monday And Tuesday

The New York City Emergency Management Department today issued a hazardous travel advisory for Monday, February 1, and Tuesday, February 2, 2021. Continue Reading →

How To Prevent Pest Infestations In Your Attic And Basement This Winter

As winter approaches, the days we spend outside basking in the sun begins to reduce. The temperature starts to drop, so we are forced to head indoors to live out the winter. Continue Reading →

Recipe: Baked Apples With Oatmeal Filling Is Perfect For Any Harlem Winter

With a scoop of ice cream, it’s dessert. With a scoop of yogurt, it’s breakfast, either of the two – it’s a great Harlem Fall and Winter vegetarian treat.

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Harlem Unisex Sweat Shirt Contrast Hoodie

Show your Harlem pride with this black Harlem Unisex Sweat Shirt Contrast Hoodie, is perfect for winter with jeans, a cap and some boots.
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Study Shows That Harlem Is Suffering Again During Bomb-Cyclone

Bitter cold was the theme of the first week of 2018, with more cold New Yorkers from Harlem to Hollis in the past week than in any previous year on record. Continue Reading →

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