Sponsored Love: Join The Wells Fargo Grand Opening Celebration In Harlem

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Unique College Classes That Have Been Offered In The US

By Bretton Johnson

College is always something that apart from new friends and independent life brings stress and very often results in the growing unwillingness to continue studying, Continue Reading →

Inside The World Of US Sports Betting From Harlem To Hollywood

Several years ago, friends of Luke Korem, a documentary film-maker and Texas A&M grad, dared him to favor his team, an underdog, over college football powerhouse Alabama. Continue Reading →

Harlem’s Renaissance Casino, Harlem, NY 1923

The Harlem Renaissance Ballroom opened in 1923, built by the black-owned Sarco Realty Company, at 138th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard, in Harlem, NY, quaked with the frenzied rhythms of the Lindy Hop. Continue Reading →

Motorcycle Safety Becomes A New Focus For Harlem

Motorcycle safety is a hot topic after beloved Harlem basketball coach, Floyd “Skip” Branch, lost control of his motorcycle in an accident which ended up claiming his life. Continue Reading →

Pursue Your Passion At One Of The 7 Best Art Universities In the World

By Bobbie Sanchez

A bright future in the fields of art and design is a creative and fulfilling journey for every student. If you are passionate about art, you should definitely pursue this rewarding dream. Continue Reading →

Tips For Cross Country Moving From Harlem To Hollywood

Moving across the country is no simple task. From packing up your stuff to coordinating the move to changing your address to settling in your new home, there are so many to-dos that need to be considered to have a successful move. Continue Reading →

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