Shopping Online Vs. In-Person Shopping: The Pros And Cons Of Each

We’re living in a time of unprecedented convenience. In the past, essentially, the only way you could buy something was to go to the store and get it. Continue Reading →

Grocery Shoppers From Harlem To Hollywood Should Prepare For A Spike In Prices

If grocery shoppers think they had it bad during the pandemic while trying to find things like toilet paper and chicken, here come the shortages again. Continue Reading →

Mattress Shopping: How To Find The Right One From Harlem To Hollywood

I guess lots of people may agree when someone says that shopping is not that easy, especially if you’re looking for a home mattress. Continue Reading →

Preventing Impulse Buying From Harlem To Hawaii May Be Different Depending On Who You Are

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of Würzburg explored the reason why some consumers are compelled to make impulse purchases. Continue Reading →

Online Shopping, There Is No Going Back

The COVID-19 global pandemic has forever changed online shopping behaviors, accelerating the shift towards a more digital world. Continue Reading →

Buying Less Helps The Environment And Improves Consumers’ Happiness

As major corporations continue their eco-friendly initiatives, many consumers are prompted to do their part to purchase things that are better for the environment. Continue Reading →

Yeah, It’s On And Poppin’ Time To Start Shoppin At The Harlem Virtual Holiday Fair

Our friends at the Harlem Business Alliance just sent us a great e-mail about the Harlem Virtual Holiday Fair. Continue Reading →

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