How To Protect Your Mental Health During The Lockdown

The sudden changes in our lives, like the abrupt changes that the pandemic has brought us, can affect us both socially and mentally. Continue Reading →

Teens Who Struggle With Depression And Anxiety May Have A Heart Attack Later In Life

As the prevalence of anxiety and depression among teens trends upwards, experts continue to explore the effects associated with such mental health struggles. Continue Reading →

Sleep Problems During Infancy Can Lead To Mental Health Problems In Adolescence

While recent studies have highlighted how infant sleep struggles could increase the likelihood of anxiety, Continue Reading →

Teens And Children Race Across The U.S. To Get Consistent Treatment For Mental Illness

As more and more children continue to struggle with their mental health, recent studies have pointed to risk factors associated with such symptoms. Continue Reading →

Sure-Fire Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence!

How confident you feel about yourself is super important as it can affect your life in so many ways, such as the ability to get a job, making friends, meeting someone special, and also your mental health. Continue Reading →

Optimism Linked To Lower Stroke Severity And Less Inflammation

Suffering from a stroke can leave consumers in a fragile physical state long after the initial experience is over. Continue Reading →

The Small Things Everyone Can Do To Improve Their Mental Health

Something that has changed significantly over the past few years is that mental health is now taken as seriously as physical health. Continue Reading →

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