8 Unique Jewelries For Your Wife To Gift On Your Anniversary

We men don’t have any issues when it comes to picking gifts for our loved ones. We can easily pick up a gift from a nearby store and bring it home for her. Continue Reading →

5 Tips For Divorced Moms On How To Build New Relationships

Letting someone new enter your life after divorce can be a tough task. Continue Reading →

What You Should Know About The Legal Termination Of A Marriage

When you decide to terminate a marriage, both spouses and children often experience stressful events.  Continue Reading →

Regardless Of The Type Of Wedding, You Are Having Here Are The Trends For 2021

By Nicky Mayers

It is usually at the end of each Bridal Fashion Week that fashion trends are established by assessing the current season’s offerings and see the year ahead for wedding dresses. Continue Reading →

Divorce In Harlem In The Age Of COVID-19

The pandemic of 2020 continues to destroy lives across the United States, and the impact of the coronavirus COVID-19 is acutely felt among New York’s Black community. Continue Reading →

A Guide To What Wedding Gifts Should You Ask For?

Ideally, the planning of a wedding should be as much fun as the big day itself, with as little stress as possible and as much excitement as you can manage. Continue Reading →

Nigerian-British Bridal Couturier Kosibah Debut At NY Bridal Fashion Week

On Friday, October 9th, 2020, Nigerian-British couture bridal designer Yemi Osunkoya revealed the 2020 Kosibah Asheyori Bridal Collection. Continue Reading →

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