Useful Tips To Help You Pass The Insurance License Test

Around the country, insurance companies are increasing their profits by increasing the volume of immediate sales. Continue Reading →

NY Bill Aims To Empower Policyholders To Seek Damages Against Insurers

One of the impacts of a global internet community is learning that things we take for granted in America are seen as crazy in other countries. Continue Reading →

How To Know If Your Insurance Agent Has Your Interests At Heart?

When you’re shopping for insurance, you want to find the best plan that suits your needs. Continue Reading →

4 Things You Need To Know About Insurance Companies

Insurance is a necessary evil in life. For the lucky ones, it seems that they are paying endless premiums without ever having to make a claim,

Continue Reading →

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Planning To Purchase Home Insurance? Here’s What To Look For

Settling into a new home is a great feeling, but don’t get too comfortable just yet. The next step is to protect your home by finding the right home insurance. Continue Reading →

Why Product Liability Insurance Is A Must for Any Product Launch

Insurance is a necessity in many walks of life. If you drive a car it needs to be insured, your home and contents will be covered by insurance, and you may even have insurance on individual items of value. Continue Reading →

Mayor de Blasio, Harlem Speaker Mark-Viverito And Others Fight For Affordable Flood Insurance

The cost of flood insurance could reach crisis levels for low-income New Yorkers and other low-income Americans if Congress does not act to reform FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Continue Reading →

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