Wayne Brady Joins FLS+ In New Merger To Make Improv Accessible From Harlem To Harare

Award-winning actor/producer/improviser Wayne Brady will join applied improvisation training companies Freestyle Love Supreme Academy, LLC and Speechless Inc. as Chief Creative Officer in a merger set for early 2022. Continue Reading →

Holiday Dating Do’s And Don’ts From Harlem To Harare

Whether you’ve been on a couple of dates or you’re practically official, there are some special rules when it comes to seeing someone new this time of year. Continue Reading →

Harlem Resident Marquita Chosen Out Of Thousands To “Live Anywhere On Airbnb” For A Year

In June 2021, Airbnb announced that it was seeking 12 people from Harlem to Harare to live exclusively in Airbnb listings for approximately one year. Continue Reading →

From Morrison To Johnson, A Q&A With Paul Greenberg Author Of The Climate Diet

With The Climate Diet, award-winning food and environmental writer Paul Greenberg offers us the practical, accessible guide we all could use. Continue Reading →

Choosing The Right Cannabinoid From Harlem To Harare

There are many cannabinoids that you can take, but not all of them have the same effects. Continue Reading →

Eating More Whole Grains May Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease From Harlem To Harare

A new study conducted by researchers from Tufts University explored how whole grains can impact consumers’ heart health. Continue Reading →

Harlem Moms Can Reap Long-Term Health Benefits From Paid Maternity Leave, Study Finds

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of Georgia is exploring the long-term health benefits associated with paid maternity leave. Continue Reading →

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