Henry Gaylord Wilshire, Land Developer, Publisher, And Socialist In Harlem, 1861 – 1927

Harlemite Henry Gaylord Wilshire, June 7, 1861 – September 7, 1927, known to his contemporaries by his middle name of “Gaylord”, was a land developer, publisher, and outspoken socialist. Continue Reading →

Harlem’s Franz Sigmund Leichter, New York State Assembly And Senate Member, 1930 –

Harlem‘s Franz Sigmund Leichter, born August 19, 1930, lived at 250 West 104th Street in Harlem, NY.

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Socialite Elliott Bulloch Roosevelt, The Oyster Bay Roosevelt In Harlem 1860 – 1894

Harlem’s Elliott Bulloch Roosevelt, February 28, 1860 – August 14, 1894, was an American socialite who lived at 313 West 102nd Street at Riverside Drive in Harlem, New York. Continue Reading →

Portraits, People And Poets, The Visual Artist Alice Neel Uptown In Harlem, 1990 – 1984

Alice Neel, January 28, 1900 – October 13, 1984, was a Harlem-based visual artist, who was known for her portraits depicting friends, family, lovers, poets, artists, and strangers. Continue Reading →

Harlem’s Biz Markie Rapper, Clown Prince Of Hip Hop, Singer, DJ, Producer, And Writer 1964 – 2021

Marcel Theo Hall aka Biz Markie, April 8, 1964 – July 16, 2021, better known by his stage name Biz Markie, was a Harlem rapper, singer, DJ, record producer, actor, comedian, and writer. Continue Reading →

The Legendary Paul “Wabash” Dresser, Wealthy Entertainer, Songwriter, And Publisher In Harlem, 1857 – 1906

Harlemite Paul Dresser, born April 22, 1857 – January 30, 1906, was a singer, songwriter, and comedic actor of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Continue Reading →

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