Meet The New App Goal To Raise $1B For HBCUs In Five Years

In an effort to address the ongoing financial challenges faced by the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), HBCU Change – a new app that makes charitable giving easy and fun — has announced a mission to raise $1 billion for HBCUs over the next five years. Continue Reading →

The COVID Crisis: World’s Largest Virtual Support Group Launches, Psychologists Available Free 24/7

During these extraordinary, lonely and isolating times, there is a huge need for help, support, compassion and connections from Harlem to Hollywood. Continue Reading →

FTC Goes After ‘Stalking App’ Developers And How To Protect Yourself From Harlem To Hollis

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) threw another punch to the developers of three large “stalking” apps on Tuesday. Regulators say the apps, in effect, kept a record of a person’s every step. Continue Reading →

Inspiring Apps For Students Planning A Trip

Have you ever thought about why so many students from all around the world take a sabbatical year and embark on a months-long journey to unknown places? Continue Reading →

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Big Apple News And Events From Harlem To Hollis Queens In Small Apps

By Max Bretton

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These days, the last thing you use your mobile phone for is calls. Today’s smartphones are a computer in your pocket, giving you access to the internet wherever you are as well as social media and so much more. Continue Reading →

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