Abuse At A Daycare Facility: Lookout For These 6 Signs

Choosing a preschool for your child can be a daunting task with endless things to consider, including the location, community, cleanliness, utilities, the friendliness of the staff, and the range of motor, cognitive, and physical activities they offer. Continue Reading →

Why Did I Stay In A Psychologically Abusive Relationship For So Long?

Sadly, the question presented in the title is asked by many people every day. Continue Reading →

Sexual Abuse Misconceptions You Probably Believe

By Bretton Love

Sexual abuse is getting exposed more and more in society today. We have shown that we will not stand by and watch as others are abused. Continue Reading →

Hundreds In NYC Catholic Clergy Accused Of Sex Abuse From Harlem To The Hudson (See List)

The investigative news site ProPublica, has compiled the most comprehensive list so far of Catholic clergy “credibly accused” of sexual abuse. Continue Reading →

NY Times Staffer Steps Down After Epstein Harlem Cultural Center Donation Ask Is Revealed

A former New York Times reporter was ousted from the publication after asking convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein to make a $30,000 charitable donation, NPR reported Thursday. Continue Reading →

Upper West Side Priest Accused Of Molesting Boys Steps Down Without Indictment

A Catholic priest has resigned from his Upper West Side parish following multiple sexual abuse allegations, according to a letter sent by the priest to his parishioners. Continue Reading →

Uptown Karate Instructor Kicked In Jail For Sex Abuse

ABC reports that authorities say a karate instructor is in police custody and is being charged with multiple counts of sex abuse involving minors. Continue Reading →

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