The Best Of The Worse Ugly Holiday Sweaters To Wear In Harlem For The Holidays

December 9, 2017

Ugly Christmas sweaters are more popular than ever these days, and there are countless options out there to pick from for your Harlem holiday.  It doesn’t matter if you’re into boxing, TV, football, dancing, sex, or bad puns — one way or another there’s a ugly sweater out there for you. Although, remember not every sweater may look cool like a chibi naruto sweater.

Dabbing Santa Sweater
ungly-sweater8Who ever said Santa can’t bust a move? This may be our least ugly of the ugly sweater pile, making it a good pick for those not entirely committed to looking ridiculous this year.

Price: $ 22.99

Merry Chirithmith Mike Tyson Sweater

One of our favorites with Mike Tyson on the cover and the lettering underneath the image reading, “Merry Chrithmith.”

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Price: $ 23.93

Jesus Birthday Boy Sweater

Does it get any better than an Ugly Christmas sweater for the big guy upstairs on the sweater that says “Birthday Boy.

Price: $ 29.99

KSJK Fresh Prince Sweater
ungly-sweater2The ’90s are back, baby! That’s right, it’s The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, brick cell phones, and cassette tapes for the win on this one.

Price: $ 26.99

Adult All Wrapped Up Sweater (warning)

The adult version of the Ugly Christmas is for the Christmas couple, not family friendly and self explanatory with a snowman and a snow woman lets say, “being happy to see each other.”

Price: $ 28.55

On Christmas We Wear Pink! Sweater

Who ever said you can’t wear pink for Christmas? This may be our worst ugly of the ugly sweater of the bunch, making it for those not completely committed to looking completely cray cray this year.

Price: $ 39.99

Don’t forget to tell friend about these ugly yet hilarious Christmas sweaters to swing at your next Holiday party!

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