Best Practices On How To Deal With Armed Assailants

Being attacked by a person can be quite stressful. This is without the added factor of your attacker being armed.

Unfortunately, when you are in such a situation, it can be very easy to freeze up and not have the reflex or control necessary to take action. With some knowledge and training, however, you will find yourself able to deal with any kind of assailant, whether armed or not. Being aware of how these situations might take place and what to do to handle them can make all the difference.

1. What Leads to Such Situations

Knowing exactly what may lead to having an armed assailant attack can help you avoid it or make you understand why it is even occurring. For example, if you are in a particularly bad area of the city, or if you are in a dark alley, the chances of being attacked, either to be mugged or by an unstable person are higher than being attacked in the middle of a busy street or in a safe neighborhood. Unfortunately, that does not totally guarantee that you are safe from armed assailants all the time, so you still need to take precautions and find out how to deal with such a situation if it ever does occur.

2. Fight or Flight

A person’s response to any kind of danger is to either stay and fight or to escape. Sometimes when these two instincts are battling each other, a person ends up freezing like a deer in the headlights and doing neither. While it is hard to do, you need to make a conscious decision to either flee or confront the assailant because freezing does nothing but put you and those around you in more danger. If you are not familiar with any self-defense techniques and do not have hope of overpowering your assailant, then the wisest thing to do is flee.

3. Bombs

One of the weapons that an armed attacker could have is bombing material. Bombs could range from amateurish attempts to seriously damaging bombs. If you are dealing with such an attack, you need to immediately evacuate the place. You should not stop to collect your belongings, and do not go back for anything. This will ensure that you survive the experience with minimal damage. After all, belongings can be replaced if they sustain damage, but your life cannot. In the case of a bomb attack, the best thing to do is to avoid the entire situation and to get out as soon as possible. Before leaving, make sure to visualize your route out of the building.

4. Guns

Gun-carrying attackers can be quite dangerous, especially if you do not know what their intentions are. Guns, unlike other weapons such as knives or daggers, can be used to attack people from a distance, which means that you need to be extra careful when faced with a gun-wielding assailant. If you live in a very unsafe area where shootings are regularly witnessed, you might want to consider buying bulletproof items. Bulletproof body armor can ensure that you are safe from all kinds of attacks, whether it be a gunshot or an attempt to stab you with a knife. You will not have to worry about attackers hurting you because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time anymore.

5. Other Weapons

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Guns and bombs are not the only weapons that an attacker could be carrying on them. There are various weapons that could prove to be fatal if you come in contact with an assailant without being prepared. For example, if your attacker has any kind of sharp-edged weapons, such as a knife, a dagger, or even jagged glass, then you need to be careful to keep your distance from the assailant. These weapons are close-range weapons that could cause you a lot of damage if he manages to nab you with them. 

While at a distance, your assailant will not want to throw the knife or weapon at you, because this means that they will lose their weapon and you can overpower them. In such cases, if you are unable to escape before the attacker finds you, you can barricade yourself in a safe place until help arrives. If you do not have a place to run to, then you can try to overpower your assailant and try taking away his weapon, but it’s best that you have previous training in self-defense to be able to execute such a move correctly without putting your life at risk. To avoid getting hurt in the process, you need to get training on how to incapacitate a person and take their weapon away in an efficient and safe manner.

Using these five different pieces of information, you can decide for yourself whether you can deal with an armed assailant if the situation arose or not. If you find yourself unable to deal with one, then you need to start actively seeking knowledge and different training so that you are capable of protecting yourself in such situations. Above all, remember that fleeing does not mean that you are cowardly, it just means that you are smart enough to realize that this is not a fight that you can win, and that your life is more important than trying to get the upper hand on an attacker that has a weapon on them.

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