Best Places To Visit In Turkey

July 9, 2024

The country is a unique vacation spot that combines the best of different cultures. It’s full of amazing history and stunning natural beauty.

Some Turkey holiday packages from the UAE provide you with a chance to witness the country’s vibrant culture as well. Whether you’re admiring the snowy mountaintop or the clear blue waters of the sea, Turkey promises an unforgettable adventure for everyone. 

You can explore ancient ruins, or unwind on beautiful beaches. The place also offers one of the most enchanting hot air balloon rides. To ease up your trip to Turkey from Dubai, we have made a list of must-visit places that will make you fall in love with this magical land. 


The city’s landscape has been shaped by the activities of the volcano over many years, making it unique and stunning. The area is famous for its tall, unusual rock formations called “fairy chimneys,” which are made from rock topped with softer stone. Visitors can explore underground cities that were carved out by early Christians seeking safety. The area is known to have a rich and bright history. One of the most amazing experiences is a hot air balloon ride, where the sky fills with beautiful colors, creating special memories.


The city’s name, which translates to “cotton castle,” has some really unique and stunning sights. Here, warm waters flow over white formations, creating natural stone waterfalls. You can also visit the ancient Roman city nearby, where you’ll find an old theatre and baths, still in great shape. Don’t miss the chance to swim in a natural pool filled with hot springs and enjoy the amazing views around you.


This city was once a bustling port city and a key part of the Roman Empire. You can stroll through the stunning Library of Celsus, a two-story building that is still in great shape. Be amazed by the Great Theatre, which could hold up to thousands of people. Visit the Artemis Temple, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and appreciate the clever Roman engineers who designed the city’s complex aqueduct system.


A beautiful city by the sea, this city is known for its mix of history and outdoor activities. You can visit the Gate of Hadrian, an ancient arch leading to the old town. Spend some time at the beach, which has golden sand and is great for swimming. Don’t miss the waterfalls, where you can hike and see the water pouring into a pool. The museum is also worth a visit, with many artifacts showing the region’s rich history.


This is a lively resort town on the Aegean coast with a rich history dating back to ancient Greek times. You can visit the Castle of Bodrum, a strong fortress that now has the Museum of Underwater History. The city market is a busy place where you can find local crafts and carpets. You can also take a boat tour to see hidden coves and beaches, or simply relax on the beautiful beaches.

Mount Ararat

This, Turkey’s tallest mountain, is known for its biblical history and attracts thrill-seekers. As you hike, you’ll see stunning scenery and amazing views. You can also witness beautiful glaciers as well. The path can be tough, and the weather can change quickly, but reaching the top is an unforgettable victory.


Nestled by the Black Sea, this city is rich in history, natural beauty, and culture. You can visit the museum, which was originally a church built by the Greeks and later turned into a mosque. Check out the stunning Sümela Monastery, perched on a steep cliff. For nature enthusiasts, the Zigana National Park offers beautiful valleys perfect for hiking. Don’t miss the unique local flavors as well.


The capital is a lively city that is split by the blends of different histories seamlessly. Visit the stunning building that has served as a mosque and is now a museum. Explore the Grand Market, a busy place full of shops selling carpets, spices, and handmade items. Feel the peaceful environment of the Blue Mosque, decorated with beautiful tiles. Discover the luxurious palaces and the ancient underground tanks. This city is a fascinating place that takes you back through history.


The city, reveals a deeply spiritual side of the country. Visit the Museum, where the poet Rumi is buried. Watch the fascinating  Sema Ceremony, a dance representing the spiritual journey towards perfection. The place also showcases stunning architecture, like the beautiful  Mosques and much more, highlighting the area’s historical importance on the Silk Road.


This place is located in the southern part of the country and is a heaven for food lovers. Enjoy the city’s famous grilled meat dish. Wander through the historic center, where you can see hints of heritage from different lands. Visit the impressive Mosques, decorated with beautiful tiles. The city is also close to the ancient city of Misis, which features ruins and a bridge from the 1st century AD.


Mardin is a charming city on a southeastern plateau, known for its mix of cultures and religions. The city is famous for its honey-colored stone houses that seem to flow down the hill. You’ll find mosques, churches, and monasteries that reflect the area’s rich history. The local food combines Mesopotamian and Turkish tastes, offering a delicious experience.


This is a lively city on the Black Sea coast, full of history. You can visit the museum, which honors the founder of modern Turkey. There is also a former Greek Church, now a museum, where you can see many historical finds. This city is a great coastal getaway with beautiful beaches for relaxing and plenty of water sports to enjoy.

Here’s to the Fantastic Trip!

This was your small list of an unforgettable trip to Turkey. We hope this made you a little bit more excited about your trip to an enchanting land. Have it all planned out but worried about your visa? Well don’t worry, The finest agency is here for you! Contact the best travel agency in Dubai, Next Holidays for a visa.

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