Best Places For Students To Travel In Europe 2020

By Connie Elser

Europe is one of the best and most popular travel destinations in the world. The continent is filled with amazing places, many of which can be visited on a budget. When you travel in Europe, you get access to everything from cheap accommodation to luxurious pleasures. This is what makes the place accessible to everyone, including students.

When it comes to travel in Europe 2020, it can be hard to decide what city or country to visit on your next trip. This is why I’ve created a list of my favorite places to visit in the country. When it comes to best travel destinations, these are the highest-rated choices for this year:

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1.  Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a dream come true for everyone who visits it. Travel for students should definitely include this destination, and not only because of the city’s vibrant appeal and cool lifestyle.

This city has literally everything to offer. It’s a coastal city, giving you access to some amazing beaches and mesmerizing views. It’s also amazingly different from other parts of Spain, making you feel like you have stepped on the ground of an entirely different culture. People here live a different lifestyle and even speak a different version of the Spanish language.

If you choose to travel in Europe 2020, the capital of the Catalan people is the perfect hub to visit. It has avenues where you can find an endless array of museums, cafes, and galleries. In their restaurants, you can try some of the best food you’ve ever tasted and, from the popular Parque Guell, you can enjoy the stunning views of the city.

Speaking of Park Guell, this is one of the many masterpieces of the world-renowned Gaudi. You can find many of his works here, including one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture in the world – the Sagrada Familia.

2.  Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but it is also part of almost every travel for students 2020 list you’ll find online. This little country is the home of Lisbon, a spot filled with character and interesting things.

You can easily explore Lisbon by foot or on a bike, making transportation here the most affordable you can find. Many students choose to live and study in Lisbon because of the affordable rates, amazing night life, and memorable art found around every corner of the little city.

If you decide to go to Lisbon, don’t think that its size limits the number of things to see. You’ll have a lot to do there, so you might want to find and hire the best assignment assistance in Australia to help you with the essays while you explore this gem.

3.  Milan, Italy

Italy is a romantic, cultural, and affordable place to visit – all in one. One highly popular destination in the past few years is Milan, a spot where prices are affordable and the streets are roaming with international students from all around the world.

Milan might be smaller than Rome or Florence, but it packs a punch filled with culture, charm, and of course, fashion. Right now, many low-priced airlines offer cheap flights there, while you can also find cheap accommodation in hostels or rent a room in a person’s home on Airbnb.

4.  Paris, France

When we think of France, we often think of luxury and love. However, while this city is renowned for its amazing architecture and popular fashion, it also offers affordable options for those who travel on a budget.

If you thought that Paris can’t be as enchanting as people describe it, you are wrong. The instant that you step on its ground, you’ll be amazed by its big size, aesthetic streets, and amazing architecture. The city is filled with history and art, as well as the tastiest dishes you have ever tried in your life.

5.  Amsterdam, Netherlands

The shaded canals of the beautiful Amsterdam can leave you speechless. Once you set foot there, you can find cheap places to eat, amazing nightclubs with great prices, as well as many young people looking to have some fun.

This is the hub of the young, party people, but also a vibrant place filled with relaxing parks and unique architecture. People visit this place to either enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of its inhabitants or attend the best parties in their lives.

6.  Dublin, Ireland

With its green hills and the rugged cliffs, Dublin is definitely something to put on your list. This is the spot where you’ll meet some of the warmest people, enjoy the gritty aesthetic of the port cities, and check out their modern, as well as historical and old buildings.

Dublin is a relatively small city, which makes it easily navigable by foot or by bike. Instead of spending a fortune on transportation like in other cities, you can wander the streets of this town and enjoy entertainment around every corner. When you get tired or thirsty, you can stop at one of their old-timey popular pubs and get a beer.


Europe is an amazing place to discover different cultures, immerse yourself in amazing art and architecture, and witness history first-hand. The destinations in this list make for a short version of what you should visit in Europe, but they are an excellent start to a memorable, affordable trip every student should make!

Author’s Bio

Connie Elser is a travel agent for her own company based in the US. She sends people on the trips of their lives, plans amazing itineraries, and even assists students in finding the perfect work and travel program. Before she opened her travel agency, Elser worked as a tour guide.

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