The Best

It’s The Best by readers, we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ’em) by readers on Google Search (like this “Best fish in Harlem” search).


Belle Harlem, 2363 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, Harlem, NY, 347.819.4076,

Clay, 553 Manhattan Avenue, Harlem, NY, 212.729.1850,

Famous Fish Market684 St Nicholas Avenue, Harlem, NY, 212.491.8323,

Mountain Bird, 251 East 110th Street, Harlem, NY, 212.744.4422,

Red Rooster, 310 Lenox Avenue, Harlem, NY, 212.792.9001,

Sylvia’s Restaurant, 328 Malcolm X Blvd, New York, NY, 212.996.0660,

Sottocasa Pizzeria, 227 Lenox Ave, Harlem, NY, 646.928.4870,

Tsion Cafe, 763 St Nicholas Avenue, Harlem, NY, 212.234.2070,


Apollo Theater, 253 West 125th Street, Harlem, NY, 212.531.5300,

Broadway Up Close Walking Tours 557 West 140th Street #3c, Harlem, NY, 917.841.0187,

Harlem Heritage Tourism and Cultural Center104 Malcolm X Blvd, Harlem, NY, 212. 280.7888,

Welcome To Harlem, 145 West 122nd Street, Suite 1, Harlem, NY, 212.662.7779,


Flamekeepers Hat Club, 273 West 121st Street, Harlem, NY, 212.531.3542,

Gemini II Specialty Co., 354 St Nicholas Ave, New York, NY212.866.7980

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Harlem Haberdashery 245 Malcolm X Blvd, Harlem, NY, 646. 707.0070,

Harlem Underground, 20 East 125th Street, Harlem, NY, 212.987.9385,

H&M, 125 West 125th Street, Harlem, NY, 855.466.7467,

Staples, 105 West 125th Street, Harlem, NY, 212.805.0004,


Achieve Housing, 36 East 126th Street, Harlem, NY, (917) 723-2720,

Aloft Hotel, 2296 Frederick Douglass Blvd, Harlem, NY, 212.749.4000,

Saint Nicholas Inn B&B 885 St Nicholas Avenue, Harlem, NY, 877.729.1080, 

The Harlem Flophouse 242 West 123rd Street, Harlem, NY, 347.632.1960,


Bill’s Place, 148 West 133rd Street, Harlem, NY, 212.281.0777,

The Honey Well, 3604 Broadway, Harlem, NY, 646.861.0489,

Harlem Hops2268 7th Ave, Harlem, NY, 646.998.3444,


Harlem Doggie Day Spa, 734 St Nicholas Avenue, Harlem, NY, 646.386.7789,

Mia’s Bathhouse For Pets, 247 West 145th Street, Harlem, NY, 212) 694-8607,

The Heart of Harlem, west, 74 West 120th Street, Harlem, NY, 212.280.3700


Famous Fish Market684 St Nicholas Avenue, Harlem, NY, 212.491.8323,

Goodwill, 2196 5th Ave, Harlem, NY, 212.862.0020,

St. Cecilia’s Thrift Shop at Church of the Holy Agony, 1834 3rd Ave, Harlem, NY, 917. 650.2296


Grandma’s Place, 84 West 120th Street, Harlem, NY, 212.360.6776, 

Harlem Yoga Studio, 44 West 125th Street, 3rd Floor, Harlem, NY, 917.538-0457,

Pouncing Tigers, 115 West 128th Street, Harlem, NY, 646.477.1421,


Harlem Wellness Center, P.O. Box 1402, Harlem, NY, 646.682.7993,

My Wellness Solutions, 17 West 125th Street, Harlem, NY, 212.882.1154,

Spa Boutique 2 Go, 69 East 130th Street, Harlem, NY, 212.234.4769,

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