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Our Story

Harlem World Magazine publisher, founder, award-winning visual artists, and educators Danny Tisdale followed in his Uncle Charlie Tisdale’s publishing footsteps who was publisher and owner of the Jackson Advocate in Jacksonville, Mississippi, who had a commitment to his readers, fought the KKK and walked with Martin Luther King In DC. Tisdale was committed to his community, as an onetime president of the NAACP said:

“The biggest gift in understanding what it meant to be committed to something…” – Ben Jealous

Slain civil rights leader Medger Evers Said about Charles Tisdale that:

“Tisdale was concerned about the welfare of all citizens, not just blacks.” – Medger Evers 

With that same commitment in 2010, a small group of individuals came together with the goal of doing some good in Harlem, New York. What started as a group teach kids the ins and outs of publishing in their local community, evolved into almost a decade of projects. From work publishing workshops, photography, design, writing and other workshops.

Our partners

Help Us Help Others

The Harlem Youth Publishing Empowerment (HYPE)

The Harlem Youth Publishing Empowerment (HYPE) started working in Harlem, NY to promote education through a partnership with (IUME) at Teachers College at Columbia University. The focus of our work was their efforts has been throughout Harlem due to the lack of education classes in photography, design, creative writing, publishing skills in general in the schools.

We run community projects, work with and help to support local schools, organizations, small businesses, etc., and more in and around Harlem.

Why Community Projects

Community projects are empowering tools to increase awareness through self-reliance, increase access to improve publishing and trade skills and bring people together to create connections amongst neighbors.

Our Target

We aim to make change

  • In the Harlem community one resident, one family, one non-profit at a time
  • In partnership with schools, organizations, social enterprises, business, etc.,
  • To benefit local organizations to combat under-funding, health, the arts, education safety, food and more.

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